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Our consultants are fully qualified financial professionals with internationally recognised qualifications. Three major factors have given us the trust of over 70,000 clients worldwide:

1. Our financial consultants are qualified and knowledgeable
2. We are the most regulated IFA in the world
3. We provide clients with an opportunity to receive returns that are not available at regular high street banks

Our independence and regulation means that we can seek out the very best investment opportunities for our clients.

Visit our website to see the returns our clients regularly receive.
Bangkok, Krung Thep

High Net Worth Expats are the target focus of deVere Group, PIC, deVere & Partners, Acuma and all the other low life companies that Nigel Green is behind. Be on your guard if you are cold called by these parasites. They will tell you that you've been referred to them by one of their work colleagues.

The deVere salesman will have a white shirt & stripped tie, cufflinks, black shoes & dark suit. You will spot a deVere clone in your sleep after meeting 1.

They will subject you to a well versed, scripted pitch which is designed to emotionally break you down, feeling guilty that you need to save 50% of your monthly salary.

deVere are NOT genuine Financial Consultants, they are nothing more than salespeople who's ultimate aim is to earn as much commission out of you as is humanly possible.

Monetary Loss: $1.

  • devere scammers
  • devere scam
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