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All deVere financial advisers are fully qualified with industry standard qualifications. Our advisers have to be qualified in order for deVere to adhere to its strict regulatory obligations. As the most regulated IFA in the world, deVere offers sound independent financial advice to over 70,000 clients around the world. The reason deVere continues to grow is because of our strong customer service ethic, our fully qualified advisers and our clients regularly receiving bank busting returns on their investments. Please view to see the returns deVere clients regularly receive.

As an employer Devere is a nightmare. Avoid them and erase all the information regarding Devere from your CV if you ever worked for them.

They are liars, cheaters and there is one or two people qualified for financial jobs, however they are not experts about investment. They are also racist against some nationalities and co-ordinators are told not to contact certain people from certain nationalities.

Their greed for money is horrifying and dangerous .As an employee,they will spend you like a coin if they think that you are not like them. You must be "a professional liar" ,rather than a professional finance and investment expert to be able to work for them.

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