To get an idea of exactly how deVere rip their clients off, view this (very accurate) YouTube video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy6ePtf7q2k

Although it only relates to Qrops business, it's common across all their offerings. Hidden fees, undisclosed conflicts of interest, no advice, etc. The vast majority of their advisers aren't from the financial services industry and are only taught a sales pitch, so they're often ignorant of these facts.

Do business with this company and you'll lose a big chunk of your initial investment on day one with no means of recourse. You're also likely to get stuck in an inappropriate product/structure with ridiculous penalties for early redemption, or even worse, no accessibility whatsoever.

Don't rely on the regulators to protect you either, many of the jurisdictions don't have investors protections in place and the product providers like Generali, Old Mutual International, Friends Provident, etc., won't be of any assistance.

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #1208398

Totally agree, big sales pitch and immediately after signed up handed over to a some else to go over all the interview and profile questions again, 2 years in yield is 1% including the "bonuses" . Better off with money in the bank, don't sign up for Generali or Friends Provident.

Once bonus period over I will be pulling back completely. Same old story same old answers.


does nigel green really have a 24 hour bodyguard?i am surprised its only 1 and not several!


I now understand why that thief Nigel Green has a 24 hour body guard!

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