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Crawley, England

Yes it was Friday 13th, I should have known!

Andy Chaulkin (ex army) aren't they all, headed up the recruitment day at the Hilton on Friday, as I expected it was a blatant shiny happy, pick where you want to work in the world b****** two hours. When I asked him what his conversion rate was from candidate through to employee he couldnt give me a definitive answer, asked him about marketing budget and where the "data" for leads would come from, again no definitive answer, nor were my questions about the CISI "licence" that we would need to sell the products! unfortunately most of the other "participants" were too rabbit in the headlights at the idea of the "glamorous" life that they could lead with DeVere as was evidenced by the questions that they were asking, as if they were already successfully employed and living the "life" I have worked abroad before in Marbella and Laos and was expecting something new from this outfit but I dont think I am wrong, they are just another wolf in shiny sheeps clothing. There were no recommendations other than from Generalli and Friends Provident, no references from Deutschebank or JP Morgan who have allegedly come up with a unique Quorups product bespoke for DeVere. We were also given a very detailed account of the Christmas Party at the Grosvenor House in Park Lane and how they planned this year to spend £1m on their employees, almost trying to distract those of us who were there to find out the truth!

I am almost half interested in going along for the next "interview" stage to gather as much inside information as I can about their exploits and expose them for the scam mongering rats that I believe that they are ?

Anyone else with anything else to add or advice would be MUCH appreciated!

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Buy list of emails in the net, there are reasonably cheap and may help you to reach an incredible number of people in one hit.


Referring to that last post.

Don't contact an anonymous email address with your details until you find out who it belongs to. This could be a trap for the unwary.

Maybe, Yash is genuine. However, the standard of English gives the impression that he works as an offshore adviser.


Well guys first of all Thankyou soooo much for your time and effort. Last week I was interviewed by one of the recruitment manager and I'm invited for presentation day comming Friday after reading to all these scary comments and experiences I'm bit sceptic.

I really don't understand if they are that bad why there been let to continue. Please advice any questions I need to ask to confirm its not ***

You can email to





they love to talk about their christmas party dont they..try looking after your employees throughout the year rather than a one night a year *** up in london..


de Vere have tricked millions of pounds from their clients who have been lied to, cheated and mistreated in every conceivable manne in all four corners of the globe.

Yet they carry on in tbeir unethical unholy business all the whlle recruiting more and more "agents".

With such an abysmal record behind them can nothing be done to close them down?

Why does the FSA permit them to hold these recruitment drives in London?

When I reported their behaviour to the FSA the Authority replied there was no office in London and that if de Vere had sold me anything I should contact "the local police"


Devere are crooks that will stop at no lengths to secure their commissions against your hard earned, period. They just use financial services as a way to legitimize what their doing, half of them don't have a clue about what they're selling and why.

Devere is a machine, money making, pure and simple. The people at the top are creaming off vast amounts of green back, sales people do get opportunities to earn money, in most cases unethically because they don't know what they're talking about, very dangerous when your playing with people's life savings in many cases. Unscrupulous, unethical, totally biased, selfish, egotistical, control freeks. Dangerous is also a word that comes to mind, they've beaten up people that leave their company, stabbed, assaulted, robbed & more.

The day will come when Devere will implode, this will be worth watching because there will be no hiding place no matter how much money you have made from the misery off the backs of other people. I hope it happens sooner rather than later so they get a taste of their own medicine.


Thanks for that great link to TONY-HETHERINGTON article. I will be sure to post that to a few other places. Potential investors and potential quasi employees need to be constantly warned about Devere and their unethical and dishonest ways.


Recently went for a follow up interview..oh dear..the interviewer was abrupt to the point of rudeness. Asked questions which were not really answered and needless to say failed the interview.

No real suprise. You have to have a smiley face and go yes..yes yes.


well all storys i have read hes only a millionaire off other peoples backs by ripping them off


@ Neil,

That is a good point. I think you will find that investment fund providers and insurance firms will state that they only provide the product and are not responsible for the advice of the broker.


So, the CEO of this impressive international reputable financial company will hunt anyone down he doesn't like eh!

I think you have answered everyone's concerns about devere perfectly!!


Nigel Green is a bit too savvy for you son. Do you think that you're the 1st to try and discredit him?

He is a millionaire hundreds of times over so I'd be very careful.

He has a knack of getting his own way and will narrow you down from the course. Fool.


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