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deVere consultants are fully qualified financial advisers. New recruits receive comprehensive training on the island of Malta, where deVere Group provides all training and accommodation at no cost to the recruit. Once training is complete, recruits get the opportunity to work in one of our 70 global offices.
London, England
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I have been a financial adviser since 1989 and have had the privelage to work with many reputable companies. This lot are a disgrace to the industry.

They constantly contact me offering all sorts of positions and benefits in malta and other countries ! I ask one simple question everytime ! " who pays for the flight & accommodation ? Guess what ?

Speaks volumes ! Never worked for them; never will ! SIPPS is their next big *** ! Did you know that the Suez canal was being widened?

Yes is the answer !We all do ! Many positives to be gained but De Vere are not worth the slightest consideration in my opinon.You will lose your money!

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Was due to go and have a listen to their recruitment speech tomorrow. Thanks all for giving me the heads up as I don't have to waste my time no9w. Will put this on linked in and get the message out.


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