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Being the world’s largest and most regulated IFA, deVere strive to build strong relationships with its clients. Our compliance team regularly contact clients to answer and discuss any queries they may have, guiding and supporting clients through every step of their investments. Our strong customer support service has been one of the main drivers of our continued global success resulting in 70,000 active clients worldwide.
Maidenhead, England

If you have purchased a product through this company can I strongly urge you to check the advise you were given by them with the PRODUCT PROVIDER.

In particular please:

Check the Terms & Conditions: Get a FULL copy from the provider.

Check what fees you will be paying, how much they will be and over what period of time.

Check you have been given ALL the documentation provided by the product provider.

I didn't and was misinformed and misled. I believe that the information and documentation from my product providers that I should have been given was deliberately withheld from me so that only verbal advise was available from their financial advisors. This I believe is because it is so easily disputed.

This has cost me dearly as the product they sold me is highly inappropriate to my needs and circumstances. This was despite me asking appropriate questions at the time which of course would have been answered in the literature that was withheld.

They pray on your naivety and trustworthiness and have no conscience or integrity.

Once they had my money I never heard from them again despite being told they would be in regular contact to manage my funds. I had to move the product to another financial advisor. This it turns out is because they predominantly sell products that pay them all commissions up front at higher rates.

I have had no replies from several letters and emails to both the Hong Kong office or their HO in Switzerland.

Conversations just seem to lead to more time wasting and falsehoods.

Please be careful.

Please don't take my word for it, check these out for yourself!

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