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Elton John's charity sues director of "˜world's largest' IFA over unpaid charity auction bid.

Spencer (I'm a man of my word, not) Lodge, regional director at de Vere Group is being sued by The Elton John Aids Foundation for failing to honour a £700,000 bid made at a charity auction, according to media reports.

Lodge, who is based in Dubai, signed a contract promising to pay the money to the foundation, according to reports in the Mirror Newspaper, but is yet to pay up more than a year after the event took place.

Lodge made the bid, for a day out with John and his husband David Furnish, at the charity's White Tie and Tiara Ball in June 2010. Another bidder had already offered £650,000 for the prize, before Lodge made his higher bid.

Just goes to show you what devere is made up of.

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he was arrested in America at devere cannon ball run. Spencer thought he was Michel Schomacher.

Funny how devere seem to be falling apart at the seems. What goes around comes around.

He's at home now getting nagged by his wife for making that *** bid he had no intention of paying. What a silly man.


It couldn't have happened to a nicer chap :-) All that time Spencer spent in Middle East gave him a taste for shirt lifters. What kind of *** would want to spend the afternoon with two puffs playing with themselves.


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