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deVere Group are the world’s most regulated IFA. This means that deVere Group must strictly adhere to international regulatory laws providing sound financial advice to its clients. As a result deVere now has in excess of 70,000 active clients around the world with over $9 billion under advice and management.
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I am an ex-employee of deVere and am interested in putting together a Class Action through the Courts.All disgruntled Investors/Clients/ex-employees are welcome to help me carry this out even if it is just incriminating evidence/experience you can help me with building the case.

I intend to close them down and see Nigel Green behind bars.

Please contact me on

I have 30+ years of Investment Banking experience and have contacts with many Financial Regulators so am perfectly placed to see this through to the end.

I will be successful, and anyone who contributes will enjoy the down-fall of what I consider to be the most unethical, unprofessional company I have ever encountered.They make a corrupt second hand car sales force look like angels.

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cloggies, please ead my posting. I will help you for sure. My email address is in the posting


Dear all,

Should anybody wish to recieve good honest advise about this company as a potential employer or even more importantly, a potential investor, or some one who needs honest help in exiting from whatever you have been sold, please feel free to contact me on my email address -

an and will help in any way I can.

I am not selling anything, but c


Help us please we have lost our life savings of £200,000.00 after being conned by Spencer Lodge

six years ago while working in the Netherlands


I have too been ripped off by these crooks; they told me a pack of lies to get me to sign up, and now they have completely changed their story. Even *** Turpin wore a mask; these gits rob you in broad daylight, I should have known when the I met with the first snide.. I would be more then happy to bring them down.


I am a recent customer of DeVere and have signed up for the Friends Provident plan. I am anxious to hear the details of your issues with this plan (I appreciate they may be tyrants to work for, but in terms of the 10 year FP plan, I would like to hear any experiences of people who have cashed in etc).

Thanks alot,

Thank God

Thank God for all those good people out there who have spoken their views on deVere on the internet.

I went through the whole dazzle "interview" process of making deVere seem reputable and - more importantly - making the future consultants feel important by passing all the "tests" set by them.

I will NOT be working for a company such as this.

No wonder they have 5 - 20 people in EVERY WEEK for "training". EVERY WEEK". Imagine the turnover rate.

I am so, so grateful for all the people who have named and shamed deVere. Without you, it seems like I would have wasted a huge amount of money, time and dignity.

I just wish these guys were shut down before they ruin more people's lives.


Hi "My devere experience", I have found your article very useful.I was contacted few days ago by the devere group and went for the interview.

I now have to fill in some documents for the application.

Since you have gone till the end of the process could you please contact me on .Thank you


Anonymous wrote: "Thanks for the Heads up.Sorry for your loss."


What's this about? Looks as if something has been deleted.

This seems to happen regularly in these threads on Devere.(Watch this space: this post will probably soon be "disappeared".)


Hi Bones

Can you contact me on

Have I a *** of a story on FPIL


Thanks for the Heads up. Sorry for your loss.


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