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What about SE Asia? I was informed they were kicked out of thailand 4-5 yrs ago because they had (and still have) lots of sales people working without work permits, illegal with strict thai immigration laws. My intel informs me that the "dwarf"in Bangkok (apparently he's a very aggressive bully with short person syndrome) has the thai immigration authorities in his pocket. He gives them so called tea money to keep them from hassling Bangkok & Pattaya office.

The leopard can't change its spots now can it. If you look at the history of these boys they started off in boiler rooms, that mentality was never left behind. They have a great looking website, many offices around the world (unfortunately same low life people running the show). What appears to be a global, legitimate operation is a cover for HARD SELL IN YOUR FACE EXPENSIVE POLICIES.

devere employ a host of bloggers, PR companies to try and black out all the bad press (THE TRUTH) about their nasty antics. It works in some cases, the way they treat customers and their own staff, people are going to write feedback.

UK FSA & serious fraud office will be knocking on their doors soon with handcuffs. I feel they know this which is why they're so aggressive in making every sale, they think it could be the last one.

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I know this lot, they've been whopping it up in Bangkok for years on their ill gotten gains. They have a *** that works there, he's very irritating.

You'll always find them around town bragging about who they've just stitched up with some expensive retirement plan General or something like that. They love to shovel the old Bolivian marching powder up the hooter.


What you gunna do when they come for you?


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