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As the most regulated independent financial consultancy in the world, deVere Group strictly adhere to international regulatory laws. By partnering with some of the world’s most respected investment providers, deVere are able to provide clients with trusted financial products helping them to achieve their financial goals and aspirations. Working in financial services can be hard but very rewarding; we provide full training turning our advisers into fully qualified financial planners gaining CISI qualifications.
Makati, Manila

Have you been conned into a meeting with the worlds worst Financial Consultancy?

Did they tell you your name had been recommended to them by your friend or work colleague?

If so you will have probably heard the below garbage come from the SALESMANS mouth? Sound familiar? All deVere meetings are scripted, a *** to try to get you to part with your hard earned money.

Exclusive to Pissed Consumer the insider knowledge that consumers have a right to know about.

The Second Gear- Introduction P1

Purpose-Sell the company, sell yourself and to establish your ground rules for business.


"The purpose of today's meeting is for me to tell you all about Devere Group ask you some questions and see if we can establish some common ground"


"deVere are the largest offshore financial consultancy in the world" I know that's a big claim so let me back it up with some facts...

Last year we did business in over 120 different countries, we have over 80,000 clients and in excess of $8 billion US$ dollars under management and administration. So you can see a lot of people have put their trust in us as a company.

"Now with over 80,000 clients I am sure you will see that service is very important to us..."


"Let me explain, once you become a client of mine here in Dubai I will personally meet up with you, up to 4 times a year, to review your financial position, depending on your requirements of course. This allows me to keep you up-to-date with any changes in the market place, new products or funds available.

This is also a good opportunity for you to keep me informed about any changes in your personal circumstances"

Now the life of an expat/professional can be changeable so should you move to a country where we have an office, I will simply pass your details over to a colleague of mine who is equally qualified as me, he will continue to give you the same high level of service that I have been giving you here in Dubai"

However if you move somewhere more remote, where we don't have an office, then we have a dedicated Client Services Dept in Malta, that will proactively contact you via phone, fax and email to make sure you are up-to-date with every aspect of your investment."


As a global company we offer you service all over the world and are the only company able to offer this, so wherever you are, we'll be in touch with you and you'll be in touch with your money.

(Close)- "Can you see the benefit of being looked after wherever you are in the world?"

Independent P2

"The next reason we are so successful is we are completely independent"

Let me explain. It may surprise you to know that most of our competitors are owned by financial institutions.

They will tell you "this is the best product for you". Now I am sure you will agree that no one company has all the best products, all the time.

Being truly independent means we can use all the products and all the companies in the market, which means you get the best product, with the best returns and the best chance of achieving financial security. We use the best companies in the market, you've heard of HSBC, Deutschebank, you've heard of Fidelity and Scandia?"

Can you see the benefit of working with a company offering un-biased, independent advice?"


"The next reason we are so successful is the importance we place on the security of your money."

You obviously work hard for you money, so do i.

"With that in mind i will only recommend products that have government backed investor protection so you know you money is safe."


So to summarise, we are the largest offshore brokerage in the world, offering un-biased independent advice and products that have the highest levels of security."

Trial close

"From what you heard so far are you comfortable working with Devere Group?"

I have been working for deVere for the last 4 years in Dubai prior to that i was in financial services for over 10 years in UK (MORE ***), I have found that experience has been invaluable in helping my clients here make major financial decisions.


It's my job to bullet proof you finances. However i we will never gamble with your money. We only recommend low to medium risk products that grow steadily over the medium to long-term (DEFINITELY NOT TRUE).

Charges-Bullet Points

"¢ Ok Eric, I suppose you're wondering what all this costs

"¢ Let me reassure you- No direct charge for my time

"¢ You're a professional guy, everything has a costs right

"¢ Let me explain!!-Suppose Fidelity is right solution for you- largest fund manager

"¢ Whether you invest through them or directly through me= Same product/ Same returns Same charges

"¢ Crucial difference With Fidelity 1X Annual Statement

"¢ With ME- ALL levels of service I mentioned earlier at No extra cost- Can you see the benefit in this

"¢ Construed as a fee-If Professional Person, offering valuable service-Will ask-introduce to 6 professionals here in Dubai... that you know & I don't..

"¢ Benefit from a meeting like this

"¢ Are you ok with that?

Ground Rules-Bullet Points

"¢ Let me tell you how I work

"¢ Go through confidential Fact Find

"¢ Where you are today/in future/ how to get you there

"¢ Areas where I can help you

"¢ Don't want my help-OK- Your money-LEAVE

"¢ DO want my help, instruct me to find perfect solution, ask some questions

"¢ What funds, Access, Flexibility- You Want

"¢ My job to find that solution

"¢ Fair amount of work involved- don't want to waste my time

"¢ Gents Agreement-Next time we meet-

"¢ If we agree you have a need

"¢ I find perfect solution/100% right-

"¢ Become Client

"¢ RECAP-If I find perfect product, 100% happy, answered all question,

"¢ I have earned the right to take you on as a client in Dubai?

"¢ ARE you OK with that............... or do you have any questions?

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happned to read a sales script posted online by an ex Devere consultant, and realized it was almost word-for-word what i had heard from my Devere adviser and thought was a genuine IFA fact find. it worked well, as he used the same kind of jargon a real IFA would use. he had an answer for everything and even lied about his job history


*** eye muma di, never do a deal in the dark chavy!

I know a east end barrow boy that bought 2 houses after learning his deVere script back to front. Now he's living in Pattaya living like a king after renting his houses out.

The deVere clients lost most of there money though :-(

Torremolinos, Andalusia, Spain #656537
I am not commenting to criticise or defend this company.

But, I have just read that the CEO stated that the move from Belgium was due to an unfavourable tax regime and was part of a strategic restructure. Since he has gone on record with that, then do you have any evidence they were "kicked out", or is this all supposition? :roll
to Clarity #656602

So you believe a lying, cheating, thieving *** CEO that puts a $50 Million Fund in his secretary's (girl friends) name... Come on, get real!

Nigel has a documented track record of having funds locked down. I feel sort for the people who have their life savings disappearing in front of their eyes..

Nigel will be alright though, it doesn't impact him unless the regulators wind this back & start dissecting forensically.

London, England, United Kingdom #618846

I remember this *** 80s style sales script from my devere course. Designed to hide the fact that you don't really have a clue about financial services.

Just so dated now.

I was asked to learn word 4 word before being allowed to travel to an office.


I heard this word for word after I recently talked to someone from devere group. They told me I haD been referred to them by one of my work colleagues.

All sounded a bit too good to be true, so I did some due diligence on goggle. Very interesting results I my say...

Look up BBC Panorama WHO STOLE MY PENSION. All about Nigel Green and his band of merry men.




Go for it, take them to court.


@ commission. They pay u a total of around 6% including the note transfer.

But then remember that *** Nigel gets the same, and you manager gets a % too so its almost a total of 15%. ***


Out of interest, just how much commission was taken from the client's pension fund when it was moved to a QROPS?

Was it moved to an investment bond? Was 7% taken at the start and then more when the monies were invested in structured notes?

Just asking.............

Bang Kruai, Nonthaburi, Thailand #580423

I went to work for deVere but was robbed of my commission. The Manager and his boss stole a £650,000 QROPS pension transfer off of me when had to travel back to my home country in an emergency. I am now in the process holding them to account for their actions.

Yes deVere make you pay for everything, toilet paper, electricity, water, dest, phone, coordinator (if you have one). From what I could see this operation is run by WIDE BOYS who would cheat and steal from their own mothers.

It's all a franchise, everyone rakes off the top at your expense yet you are the one doing the work. DeVere have a terrible name in the industry which will only get worse over time.

The 2 Managers who stole my commission will soon be in court, once I get judgement I will post all over PC.


this is so true, everything they teach u is based around stealling from people. I was unfortunate enough to fall for their bulls*it and ended up loosing alot of money. Half the consultants have no idea what the ftse100 is let alone where your money is going once you sign ur savings away.

NEVER work for these people and more importantly NEVER give them your money.

Furthermore, YOU have to pay for office cost, phones, printing, admin girls, even VISA;s!! They steal from you as an employee! Please avoid at all cost.

I hope Nigel Green gets whats coming to him, karma will catch up. Hopefully his plane will crash. ***


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