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I hate to say i have encountered this company and been lied to. I trusted their advice and didn't check the history of the company ... they actually called themselves PIC which is also DeVere. I thought i signed into a plan that was for 14 years until I retired, unfortunately when the paperwork showed up some 4 months after the cooling off date i had been put on the maximum 25 years. I tried to call the agent and was told he left the company.

I saw another rep who advised me i wouldn't be able to cash in the plan until 11 after i had retired and would have to pay in until the end... he advised me to freeze the plan and set up a new one for the correct length of time and later he would transfer the money from the original plan but could only do that after 18months.

I thought it sounded good advice which I followed.

I set up another plan and stopped paying the first, after a year or so I tried to contact the new rep to find out when the money was going to get transferred from the original plan...I was told he had left and that the money was not able to be transferred and that it never has been. I lost the $8, 000 I had originally invested. The advice I was given was rubbish... I was scammed twice I wish i hadn't given in to there cold calling antics.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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