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devere have arrived in Manila, Philippines. How do i know because they keep cold calling my office, the *** couldn't even string two sentences together.

I was called 3 times in one week, twice by the same fool. He manged to splutter out that they were regulated by Financial Services Authority, this I know it total BS.

He informed me they deal with international tax planning, extremely funny considering that I'd just read about one of their directors on this site (Simon Pratt/devere Director on the run) they don't do a very good job.

I was pestered non stop by these low life second hand car salesman in Bangkok. If someone from devere reads this please tell your ignorant staff what NOT INTERESTED MEANS.

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I had the unfortunate opportunity of meeting a fat bald-headed man from devere. He did not listen to a word I was saying, just spewed what I've since found out is the devere sales script.

He tried to sell me a complicated structured note which had a front end 4% charge and only 40% protection. This was after I told him I wanted capital preservation, *** comes to mind.

He looked unshaved, smelt of alcohol and reeked of cigarettes.

That will be the 1st and last time I meet with such a unprofessional poor excuse of a man.

to Palawan #662646

I was recruited by deVere Manila & promised a basic salary for 3 months to help me get started. After flying to Philippines with my family (at great expense & upheaval). When my first months salary was due I didn't receive a penny.

I am now working in a more menial job but getting paid every month. Don't believe the 8ullshit they tell you, I did & look what happened.


You must work for deVere with spelling and grammar like that? 24k muppet I would imagine?


and you are proud that you're giving dodgy policies joanna?


and you are proud that you're dodgy policies joanna?


Here are the cold calling tricks I was taught by devere.

If you are Xing or Linked-in or any networking site, you’re in big trouble. This is a common place to obtain names. If I had an appointment with you, I would cross reference your name on Facebook and other networking sites before our meeting. Then take down a few names of people that you know or are connected to.

Innocently, in the meeting with you, I would ask if you know 'so and so' (of course you do!). You feel relaxed because you think I know one of your friends. I don't of course, I only wrote their names down an hour ago. "Great, I know him too, can I mention your name when I call him." you reply. "Of course!"

Next day. Ring ring. "Hi, I was given your name by so and so, he said you would be very interested in talking to me about blah blah!" Bingo, you have unwittingly recommended me!

Your office number is 0800 667000. So, let’s call 0800 667001/002/003/004 etc, etc. Logging into the extension numbers is easy. Most major companies have a telephone system that attaches the extension numbers onto the end of the main number. I would stay late and wait until you had all left your office and then call the HO number but add a couple of extra number on the end and keep dialling until I got the voicemails and then I hear: "Hi, this is David Davies, senior auditor. Sorry I can’t get to the phone right now."

Next day: Ring Ring. "Oh Hi David, I was given your name by one of your colleges who is a client of mine, he said you would be interested in talking to me about….blah blah blah." You assume, as I have your direct dial and know your name you really were referred!

I have many many more of these, but you get the idea. This is how I sold a load of dodgy policies to you guys but at the end of the day if you had bothered to do your research on devere you would never have let me in the office, so more fool you.


Normally, these people gets your details from the website linkedin. From there, they will search your office number or your name via social networking sites and even connect to your friends just to get your details and pitch you.

don't believe them, they are a scam.

the manager here in the philippines has been caught by the authorities before, they were selling bogus stocks. you can search their name and find them all a scam.


The same halfwit must have contacted me by your graphic description. Where do they find these people?


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