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deVere consultants are fully qualified financial advisers. New recruits receive comprehensive training on the island of Malta, where deVere Group provides all training and accommodation at no cost to the recruit. Once training is complete, recruits get the opportunity to work in one of our 70 global offices.
Paris, Ile-De-France

I worked for devere and used linkedin all the time to find people to phone. I would pretend to know someone that they knew, it's called common ground.

You have to lie, cheat and steal it's all part of devere life. It's in their training manual from Malta, we were given the unofficial manual soon as we arrived at our country of destination. This gave us all the untoward tricks & scams we needed to make appointments.

Unfortunately I had to work with a man who could not sell very well so I didn't make loadza money like they said I wood.

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hi there luke i got interview next weekend with the company.So i take it your still working there could you send me an email so i could ask you couple questions please.


Hi,i had a phone call from DeVere Group, asking to come on a meeting where someone talked about the company and what it was all about.....Working aboard making loadsa money, why would i? well does anyone know way i should work for these?

Many thanks



#468340 through this forum it should make it quite clear this is not a group to work for if you have any sort of ethical code. If you want to be an offshore IFA I suggest finding some groups and sending CV but for God's sake stay away from deVere.


Luke, any chance you would email me some details about working for DeVere? It's something I've been looking at but after reading various comments I'm somewhat put off :( If you would email me I woud very much appreciate it - info at photooncanvas dot biz Many thanks in anticipation, Keith.


With spelling and grammar as atrocious as that, I'm really not surprised. It's a shame that it didn't work out for you.

Don't just jump on the bandwagon. Your feeble attempt at putting the company down is quite hilarious. As an employee of DeVere, I wish you all the best in your future employment.

This was simply not a job for you. Best regards


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