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London, England

Just wanted to say thank you to all those who posted their comments on this despicable company. You all saved my life savings!

They're kicking about in Dubai now, ripping of British expats who don't know better. Some tw@t from the company cold called me yesterday and won't tell me where they got my number from. I had the good sense to not get sucked into their fancy website and it took only 15mins of online research to figure out they're 100% scammers. Feel sorry for the poor people they have in they're grasps and that's employees and clients alike.

Very few of their employees have any financial background.if you check the profile of the employees on LinkedIn. It's laughable when you see most of them worked as sales persons or model agencies. Then you only need go on YouTube and check out BBC Who stole my pension and , of course, websites like this one... then you go "Woaaah!!" I'm sure if I was willing to waste any more time on this useless company, I'd unearth more.

I actually told the tw@t that and he said he'd rather spend "time can be better spent servicing our many clients who have benefited from the exceptional services we provide". He'll be spending a lot of time doing nothing as I don't believe any such happy client exists.

I wouldn't touch DeVere with a barge pole.

The only people making the money in that company are the swindling director and employees without a conscience. RUN AS FAR AWAY FROM AS POSSIBLE!!!!!

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Devere has taken a knock in Europe. See International Adviser article "DeVere licence ends in Belgium, rejig of Europe ops announced".


De Vere are the biggest *** merchants, and have no skills in financial advising, their financial advisors are no better then baked beans merchandiser (no offence) with no back ground knowledge of finance, cannot even use calculator.


I too have managed to now come to a decision NOT to invest the $450,000 we have saved up with De Vere. Thank God for this site.

I also checked the product out before the adviser came to see us again and found out exactly how it worked and exactly WHAT the charges were. My God how that man lied to us. If we had signed up we were locked in for 8 years! He told us we can access all the money after the first year.

I will be reporting them here and telling all my Golfing friends not to get involved. Liars and cheats.


I actually think they are positive company. Hard working people!

these are only opinions and at the end of the day They are global... and have been on the market for many years..

they must be doing something right... it is the British government that are ripping us pensioners and tax payers!


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