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Being the world’s largest and most regulated IFA, deVere strive to build strong relationships with its clients. Our compliance team regularly contact clients to answer and discuss any queries they may have, guiding and supporting clients through every step of their investments. Our strong customer support service has been one of the main drivers of our continued global success resulting in 70,000 active clients worldwide.

I completely agree with all of the warnings here on this site that I've read about deVere. I have been on a De Vere plan for five years - worst investment I ever made. Promises of quarterly review - didn't happen. (Apparently there is a legal obligation to do a six-monthly review in Belgium - that didn't happen either.) I should have realised that something was up when they cold-called me after I had been their customer for four years. Then when we asked to vary payments into the plan they gave us wrong advice and completely screwed up the fee structure.

De Vere never implemented any request of ours that did not make them money, and clearly lost interest after we'd bought their recommended policy in the first place which is when they got their fees.

Significantly there is no place on the De Vere website to register complaints. Fortunately there are government agencies, including the police, who take a different view.

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To want to expose bad practice: send the link of this site and threads to everyone you know and ask them to keep sending forward...and just ask people to read and think twice before taking advise from anyone company listed in this site. Buy list of emails in the net, there are reasonably cheap and may help you to reach an incredible number of people in one hit.


As a very recent Area Manager for this *** of a company which I unfortunately had the displeasure to work for, I can clearly say that many deVere clients and ex-clients in Brazil didn´t get any service at all for years, lost most of their money and the older clients who had been introduced through Britex (which Nigel Green said it is a totally different company...legally maybe but he was a director for Britex...conveniently left to start deVere...then Britex went bankrupted...) those clients lost tons of money...and the name of Spencer Lodge is always mentioned by these clients...Nigel defends himself saying that Lodge never worked for deVere in Brazil..but he worked for deVere elsewhere and apparently carried on his normal self deceitful style...ANYONE READING THIS DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY´S SERVICE...YOU VERY CERTAINLY WILL REGRET DOING IT.


There are plenty of complaints about this company, it's Directors, Managers & sales staff. Really funny how they go away to search the market place after a meeting but always come back with the same product? Front ended, massive charges, inflexible, highly likely driven by greedy commission hungry fat Managers.

But don't believe me, go see for yourself or do you diligence through google & get the true measure.


Devere have a Director on the run from Hong Kong Tax authorities, Simon Pratt, I just read on here. This site is very informative. I nearly parted with a 300,000 Pension transfer, I probably would have done if it hadn't have been for a good friend of mine informing about this bunch of crooks.


They have a very smooth recruitment program, sell you a dream & then give you fraudulent work permits that aren't valid. How do I know this?

As required by thai immigration law when your immigration status changes (you leave a company) you have approximately 7 days to hand back to immigration.

They said they couldn't cancel, because it wasn't genuine? It was fake.


They are still in business because there is no-one or no-where to complain. They are unregulated (don't let them fool you into thinking that having a licence is regulation).

They are not doing anything right, its just that you cant complain to anyone.

There worldwide business is not UK regulated.

The fact of the matter is that these guys are not real financial advisers. They are just a sales outfit.

The only way to bring theses guys down is via the press, showing them as the worst type of cowboys.


Plenty of complaints about this company, but they're still in business. They must be doing something right.


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