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Hi everyone

I am glad to share this with you.

I started investement with devere while I was leaving in China.

A lot of good benefit they said, finally within 3 years while most of the market were raising my investment were just stuck on a flat curve, even slowly decreasing because of the fees.

Later I moved to USA. No problem they told me ! We will keep managing your account from China. Well, no problem but with 12h difference reality comes back quickly.

They proposed me to transfer to local Devere office. Great! Devere is a global group.

No no ! I talked to this guy on the phone that told me all the bad things about the office back in China ....Global but not globla friends!

Besides I have 3 other friends who did investment with them and who in the same way have been disapointed!

Nevere put money there.....

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Bangkok, Krung Thep, Thailand #997115

They have been thrown out of Thailand, but their personnel are posing as employees of a small licensed company called "Broadgate". Broadgate is not licensed to sell the *** offshore insurance wrapped investments deVere pushes, however.

And none of the deVere employees posing as Broadgate employees is licensed in Thailand.

Dallas, Texas, United States #993289

According to recent news reports their license has been suspended in Hong Kong and they have an interesting pending case brought by an ex employee of their New York office according to the British press.


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