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Well I have read some rubbish about what people are saying about devere group I have just sat one of there traing courses and unfortunately failed the last hurdle which is a big disappointment to me as I was so looking forward to working for this highly professional company.I have been a top salesman for 38 years and know I would of been very successful with this company.let me assure everyone the training is not easy and run very strictly and professional and all new people are checked out thoroughly and as with regards to salarys they are geared to sales but most important of all to on going training and exams. No company c

an be bullet proof and a few bad apples will slip through look at governments aroind the world its called human nature.if you have a problem im sure that if your polite and go aroind it the right way the company providing it's a genuine mistake will rectify it good luck to all the new starters that made it peter dauganno

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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"if you have a problem im sure that if your polite and go aroind it the right way the company providing it's a genuine mistake will rectify it ".......I can't believe you actually wrote that crock of ***!If someone had lied to you,cheated you,ripped you off and affected your potential retirement plans due to their own selfish greed and inability to tell the truth,would you be polite to them,hoping they will see your point of view????????NO YOU WOULDNT YOU *** ***,you would want your money back and their head on a stick!!!!!!!!yes or no?????and as for the *** about checking people out thoroughly?????words fail me on that cos most of the bastards should STILL be behind bars.

Oh yes,and good luck to all the new starters of which there is probably 5% of them left. Also heard that they had been bounced out of Thailand and Malaysia,ho hum.

to Anonymous #1137593

You my friend have your facts totally wrong they do have a licence to trade in Thailand and its very easy when you stay Anonymous to make such bad comments and slander a company.If you are sure of your facts make yourself known who you are and then people might believe your genuine.You wont do that as your frightened of a civil suit bought against you which you know you will lose and also you don't have any facts to back it all up.

May i suggest you stop this *** charade and go back to the dirty hole that you have come out off.I have never worked for Devere group even though id like to but of the short time i spent on the training course i know from my sales experiences over many years that they are highly professional.


You have a very odd definition of "highly professional company." Did deVere tell you they are operating illegally in Thailand? Did they tell you that they are not authorized to sell their products in Thailand?

That none of their people are legally licensed in Thailand? And that in order for you personally to be licensed with the SEC you would need to pass a number of exams?

If they said anything different regarding their legal status, they were lying.

I suggest you call the Thai SEC to learn the truth. I did.

to Anonymous #1015184

Why do you stay anonymous is it because you are an ex employee working for another company

to Anonymous #1016486

Why not? I am certainly not and will never be an IFA.

Why don't you answer my questions?

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