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Below is from Devere Group Weekly update - as a former client i still get their weekly news summary. These guys stole my life savings and they are warning people to watch out for scammers. Devere Group are the worst (or best depending on which side of the scam you are on) scammers out there. I worked hard for 25 years , saved a bit of money and still can't believe I let my guard down for long enough to let them destroy my savings. They need to be stopped. Everything that is written below they do to their clients , and they have to gaul to warn people against scammers.

Scam artists prey on all ages

According to the US Department of Justice, no one is immune to investment scams, as scam artists prey on people from all walks of life and of 'every age from young to middle age to retirees'.

Denis McInerney, who runs the fraud section of the Department of Justice criminal division in Washington, warns that the investment scams that the division has dealt with over the years have been 'breathtaking in their scope' and in how 'brazen' the scammers are.

Moreover, regional director of the US Securities and Exchange Commission Marc Fagel explained that as many people think that investment scams only have to do with stocks or bonds, scammers are very tactful in giving 'false projections of future prospects, or lie about the business background of the executives'. Fagel warned that scammers may also lie 'about what they will do with your money or lie about their fees and commissions'.

Meanwhile, whilst investment scam cases seem to be 'everywhere', President Obama in 2009 created the federal Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force in order to coordinate a crackdown on financial scams.

In effect, the task force is hosting summits in cities nationwide to raise public awareness on investment scams. As US attorney Andre Birotte puts it, 'The best way to fight crime is to prevent it'. At the deVere Group we believe in total client protection and as such offer no-obligation consultations where a professional financial adviser can assess your portfolio should you have any questions about one of your investments.

Speak to a deVere financial adviser to learn more about avoiding investment scams.

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The BBC Panorama documentary all about deVere $ another of Nigel Green's companies. Very interesting documentary, one would say a real eye opener in to The World of deVerie.

Search deVere scammers on goggle :-)


The reason deVere are writing so much about scams is to deflect people from seeing the truth about themselves. Google Devere Scammers & you'll see so much adverse come up about these thieves.

This is the reason they are using KEY WORDS.


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