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We must stress that our company takes such claims very seriously. Having acknowledged your concerns, we understand that our client relations team have been in touch with you and we hope to resolve the issue shortly.
Leipzig, Sachsen
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My personal experience.

Company run by idiots for idiots.

I foolishly opted for a QROPS.

Against my better instincts, I allowed Devere to progress my QROPS into an STM portfolio.

Problem is, after 2 years, not only is my valuations depreciating at an alarming rate, but when trying to surrender, nothing happens. I just get shunted from one person to another. Having filled out all the required forms, after a month, I'm no further on. Lots of promises. The paperwork is courierd to Malta, it's all in hand, etc etc. In truth, nothing has happened.

My opinion?

Once they have the money you'll never see it again. It's probably not even invested and just goes to pay staff and bonuses. Just my opinion.

Draw your own conclusions S to whether this firm is for you.......

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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