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Being the worlds largest and most regulated IFA, deVere strive to build strong relationships with its clients. Our compliance team regularly contact clients to answer and discuss any queries they may have, guiding and supporting clients through every step of their investments. Our strong customer support service has been one of the main drivers of our continued global success resulting in 70,000 active clients worldwide.

I went to ask for Devere Group to transfer my UK pension abroad from the UK. Well, last time I do that!

They said sorry we can not help as after reviewing the pension it was only 30,000 pounds and it must be at least 50,000 pounds!!! Which ok is understandable, I said thanks for trying and that was that.Next thing you know I get 2 cold calls a day at minimum and them trying to sell me wills, savings plans, investments, offshore banking and along with that pension transfers, even though they have already told me they cant move it! Durr!Then one day the door rang and it was an adviser from Devere Group, I said what do you want and then it turned out he had the cheek to come all the way to my house to try and sell me a will along with everything else under the sun. I have now had to change my mobile and telephone number to not get never ending cold calls from this company.SO BEWARE!


Luckily I found another very trustworthy and reliable company in Dubai who did a fantastic job and it turned out after all I could move my UK Pension.Recently after dealing with Devere I hear from people they have also been ripped off and that they stole money from people. SO BEWARE!

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