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deVere Group are proud to offer industry standard qualifications to all new recruits who train with us. This has been the driving force behind our continued global success resulting in 70,000 active clients around the world. The financial service industry is not suited to everyone as it requires long hours and hard work. But by working hard, being honest and offering sound impartial financial planning to clients, you can create a very rewarding career for yourself.
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Meeting held to discuss the company and what the job entails. If you want to work for this outfit it's all tooo easy to make a living it seems (MINIMUM £100K per annum apparently) it seems in any location of your choice around the world (with little or no professional financial qualifications).

I had a bad feeling at the start and throughout the meeting about the whole thing and I will not be going any where near deVere. Their HR guy seemed a bit of a wide boy and at times a little unprofessional.

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To want to expose bad practice: send the link of this site and threads to everyone you know and ask them to keep sending forward...and just ask people to read and think twice before taking advise from anyone company listed in this site. Buy list of emails in the net, there are reasonably cheap and may help you to reach an incredible number of people in one hit.

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Get a life people. There is not much point in carrying on talking about IFAs.

The real point is, what kind of people want an unqualified and an unregulated service which will be dealing with your MONEY, very likely will provide you with an advise that even a monkey could reach too? Only *** people! The same goes for those who work for this kind of company. Nobody needs a IFA.

If you want to invest your money? Do your homework and find a top bank or financial institution and they will help you.

Bear this in mind - these organization will have QUALIFIED advisers. So if you put your money through a IFA and get a bad service and poor return - don´t complaint because you are the only one to blame!!


I'm in Malta and just walked out on them, if anyone uses their service please check yourself into a clinic. If you do not believe me i will send you all their sales documents which I have sitting next to me here in the hotel waiting for my flight back. Sorry to say but just a bunch of *** artist's


To the Area Manager in Brazil ! Well if you are who you say you are your the guy who left an even worse company called Globaleye in Brazil to join them !

It just seems like youve lost all credibility because you are obviously not good at your job and probably a dodgy sales person !

POT KETTLE BLACK springs to mind



These people are thieves. I truely wish Nigel and his family and all the area managers who opperate like him die a slow and painful death.

I mean that. These people need to be put out of business.


yeah, the recruitment process is all a lie... i was a recruiter for them in manchester...

we were given a sales pitch to say down the phone to "sell" the job. we were even given sales training. Yep you get a basic salary, but only for a maximum of 3 months... we are not allowed to tell you this.

We are not allowed to "recruit" people in for a presentation from certain nationalities or with accents. you cannot got to any location you like... they will sell to you the location they want you to go to. You do have to pay office costs, we say you don't but just wait until you get your contract at the end and read the small print- you have to pay for all your phone bills, furniture, rent, coordinator costs- yeah you have to pay if you WANT a coordinator.

We told you you get a coordinator as soon as you get there... no you don't- you have buy one.

We tell you we cover the costs of your qualifications- no we don't, it is clawed back through your commission. We told you the commission is uncapped- it is capped in certain locations- 10k in the first, and increases year on year...


As a very recent Area Manager for this *** of a company which I unfortunately had the displeasure to work for, I can clearly say that many deVere clients and ex-clients in Brazil didn´t get any service at all for years, lost most of their money and the older clients who had been introduced through Britex (which Nigel Green said it is a totally different company...legally maybe but he was a director for Britex...conveniently left to start deVere...then Britex went bankrupted...) those clients lost tons of money...and the name of Spencer Lodge is always mentioned by these clients...Nigel defends himself saying that Lodge never worked for deVere in Brazil..but he worked for deVere elsewhere and apparently carried on his normal self deceitful style...ANYONE READING THIS DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY´S SERVICE...YOU VERY CERTAINLY WILL REGRET DOING IT.


These are just wide boys how on Earth can you be taken seriously selling really important finacial products with no qualifications at all.

Would you go to an unqualified Doctor?

My interest just went very South



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