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All of our financial advisers are fully qualified with industry standard qualifications and receive regular ongoing training. Clients must authorise their investment by signing the paper work provided by our advisers, which detail all the relative information of the investment. Our advisers are always happy to help, should you have any questions please feel free to call them at any time. If for any reason you cannot get hold of them, then please contact our customer service team
Moscow, Moscow

I have been a client of Devere's for 3 years and was sold a monthly savings plan and was advised by a likeable man who sold me a pack of lies saying that I would get this and that returns and they are experts in what they do! I found out that hardly any of the advisor's are qualified and are just car sales people or window salesmen, that are known for being pushy.

I have had no help over my policy in the 3 years and it has lost over $10,000.

I would Never recommend them to anyone and I am not Happy with their so called world class after sales service. What Service?

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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