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Bolton, England

I was recently visited by a woman called Jai Patel from the Devere group Office Zurich all I can say is Beware, Beware. Anyone who has any dealings with Jai Patel on a Professional basis needs to watch their wallets!

She will steal the pennies off a dead mans eyes, pee on your leg and try to make you believe its raining. I have since heard from someone who used to work in her office. I feel sorry for anyone that has to have her in their life. She is a sorry excuse for a woman...

She abuses everyone in her workplace and when she doesnt get her way she is very vindictive.

She will steal from you by sneaking in through your emotions. Beware you have been warned.

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To want to expose bad practice: send the link of this site and threads to everyone you know and ask them to keep sending forward...and just ask people to read and think twice before taking advise from anyone company listed in this site.


Devere love shady characters, the more devious, lying, cheating, thieving you are, the more you're the flavor of the month. They like people who reflect their Managers style, this is exactly what they're like.

Look up Devere stole my pension on panorama the BBC documentary, this gives you an insight in to "The World of Devere". Fantastic glossy website, great marketing machine but a shambles behind the scenes, no training, unqualified people that don't have a clue about investments, placing your hard earned in their own underperforming funds that they haven't disclosed. it's just like pin the tail on the donkey, I'm not joking, it's that bad.

I've seen consultants sleeping in the office because Devere ran them out of money. This is the cloture, this is the "World of Devere".


Jai Patel came to my office in February and I can honestly say she is one of the most vile lowlifes I have ever met. Her professional knowledge was zero and clearly her only intention was to try and suck every last penny out of me at all costs.

My colleagues who were unlucky enough to meet her also commented how she seemed to have an evil aura that freaked them out a bit. Truly horrible.


I feel you, buddy. Made all the worse by the fact she is Indian - a nationality hard wired to be deceitful.


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