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Dear Sir/ Madam,

We would like to apologise for the inconvenience these calls are causing you.

Kindly advise who your email in regards to ceasing any further calls to your office was sent across to in order to ensure this is looked into at the earliest so no further calls are made.

deVere Group

I have no experience of deVere group products and financial management, only the frustrating experience of being constantly bugged by sales people trying to sell me services despite telling them I'm not interested. They call my office and don't leave the company name, or say it's a private matter from my days of working with them in the U.K.

I have no idea if they can manage finances but my experience of being hounded by dodgy double glazing salesman practices means I will never engage with deVere España.

And if they don't reply to my last email to cease and desist from pestering my office colleagues in Madrid and Barcelona I will be complaining to the regulator here in Spain. A most untrustworthy company just from its sales tactics.

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