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The UK organisation “Action Fraud” provides the definition of FRAUD as being when TRICKERY is used to gain a dishonest advantage, which is often FINANCIAL, over another person.

See: http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/types_of_fraud

TRICKERY has been adopted by the DeVere Group with the marketing of the Generali Vision Plan.

They quote “flexibility to increase or decrease your premiums, add a lump sum payment or even take a premium holiday”.

This statement is TRICKERY because of their failure to openly explain the financial consequences of increasing and then decreasing your premiums, and then taking premium holidays.

The consequences of this FINANCIAL TRICKERY, which is designed to destroy your savings, is written in the Generali policy contract documents which they will NOT send to you. If you are lucky, you may receive the contract documents several months after the 30 day cooling off period, by which time it is too late to cancel, and you are committed to the extortionate charges for the full term of the policy at the highest level of paid premiums.

Of course they lied and said that it was sent shortly after the policy commencement date. They are in total denial of any wrong doing, and like rats down a sewer, I’ve never heard any more from them regarding my Generali Vision investment funds which they have left to rot. DeVere mis-sold the Generali Vision policy on several counts, they illegally falsified documents in the process, they withheld the policy contract documents which included the 30 days cooling of notice, and they used an unlicensed advisor to peddle the plan.

They also made a sale in the UK without disclosure of commission which is also punishable by law. Don’t be fooled by the DeVere Group, they are FINANCIAL TRICKSTERS, commonly known as FRAUDSTERS.

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Yes this is true, two faced deVere Group openly write blogs on their website which comment on the unfortunate mis-selling activities of other companies, most of them not even in the same industry as themselves.

Check out their website where they openly report on the mis-selling activities of British Gas, Lloyds Bank, HSBC Bank, Barclays Bank, RBS, Bank of America, Blue Arrow, Staffline, Acorn, Taskmaster, Randstad, Meridian, Pacific Continental Securities (PCS), Alliance & Leicester. And the list goes on and on.

This is designed to deflect from their own financial activities which are grossly mis-sold by their band of untrained and unlicensed financial advisors. Beware, if you deal with this company you will be CONNED, they have no shame in lying to you, and your hard earned savings will disappear into the abyss.

The net is closing in on this company, I wonder if they will write blogs on their own mis-selling activities.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Severe are *** artists of the highest order (FACT). They will tell you just about anything to "clinch that deal."

Unscrupulous, uneducated, thieving 8astards would be one choice description.

Never trust a smarmy severe salesman. You'll lose all your money and they'll stitch you up like a kipper!

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