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The article sensationalised two client complaints, neither of which were upheld by Hong Kong’s regulatory body, the CIB. Prior to publication, the referenced clients both contacted the newspaper forbidding them to use details of their dealings with the company.

The number of identifiable, credible client complaints is extremely low, when taking into account the large number. However, all such complaints are taken extremely seriously and are always appropriately and internally and/or externally resolved with and for the clients as quickly and fairly as possible.

Contrary to the article’s implications, all our client-facing staff, without exception, are appropriately licensed and qualified, and work within the guidelines established by the regulator.

In addition, and again contrary to the implication in the newspaper’s story, deVere Hong Kong has not had any licenses or applications turned down by any of relevant authorities.
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Having recently been contacted by the Devere Group in Hong Kong several times promoting their services I was quite surprised to see this article in the SCMP newspaper today that was exposing them for potential bad practice.

The article here ( )

suggests that Matthew Bond, David Hubbard, Tom Rogerson, Jason Ryder and Charlie Reeves (who is on another post on this site) are not HK CIB-licensed, and Edward Rice who is running the show isnt either!

I had a look on the HKCIB register and none of those people are listed.

I find it amazing that the regulators dont do anything to protect people like us.

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Vermin springs to mind. It wouldn't be the 1st complaint and certainly will not be the last. deVere's bad rep is getting the publicity it deserves.

deVere spokesman said " all those people were NOT client facing".

What a load of 8ollocks!!! I find that very hard to believe having worked for deVere myself and seen what goes on in their offices.

* No work permits (many consultants)

* Commission only (some offices pay advance which is later taken straight back from comm's)

* Very little or no training

* Encouraged to sell front loaded high premium policies to the detriment of client

* Blatant abuse of immigration & employment laws

I could go on and on.


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