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Dear Mr Bell, we are very sorry to hear about your negative experience. Could you kindly send an email to our Client Relations department at with more information - including your policy details - so that we can look into this more thoroughly for you?
Dubai, Dubai

The Generali Vision plan .

I signed up for 10 years and on year 6 I moved home to the UK and suddenly found out that I couldn't stop . Then I found out I could get my money out penelty free at least but they still hold onto my first 10 months until the end of the 10 years !!

The plan had performed well up until I stopped payment but I think people need to be made aware of the pitfalls .

This is what happens when you sit down with a Devere *** . What's worse my friend went to another Advisor and was told all this before she signed up and took a 5 year plan which would have suited me perfect .

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