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We pride ourselves on offering the very best training and support in the business. We promote from within meaning that dedicated people get the chance to reach the very top. Unfortunately in our business, you won’t progress very far if you just let it be, you may even have to work a hard day’s night, but the rewards and opportunities are endless.

not going to write an essay or anything straight to the point.

Everything the Devere group say is a fraud..

there is no real incentives.

its like working being imprisioned in a cell with no window

no travel cost or accomodations included.

they say Visa takes 3 months and it is done on purpose so you have to spend money from your own pocket..

PLease and i beg my following job hunters who seem to be interested in this so called opportunity of a life time to NOT GO AHEAD WITH IT.

if something sounds to good to be true then it probably isnt.

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