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As the world’s leading International Financial Advisory, we take pride in offering clients the very best customer service available. If you prefer us not to contact you, we will remove you from our referrals list. Kindly forward your full name to our customer service department using the contact form available on our main website under the ‘Contact us’ tab.

been a Dubai expat for coming upto 17 years this november and sick and tired of getting cold calls from Devere group..

Its been going on now for some 10 years now.. repeatedly request to be removed from their calling list.. but time and time again i keep getting calls..

Most recently I was called on tuesday evening.. made it quite clear once again to remove me from their database.. was promised as much.. then once again like clockwork today I receive another call

seriously do they think Im gonna just roll over and invest with such a bunch of unprofessional charlatans

these guys are just bottom feeders of the lowest kind..

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