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deVere Group, established in 2002, has grown at a rapid rate offering trusted global financial advice to over 70,000 clients. As one of the most regulated IFA’s in the World, deVere Group are now responsible for managing over $9 billion of funds. deVere Group’s rapid growth has only been possible by recruiting and training the best to deliver secure financial advice. Our consultants receive comprehensive training gaining a CISI qualification in wealth management.

deVere Group, devere & Partners, Britex, PIC and all the other dodgy companies that Nigel Green's henchmen front up for him is truly going to implode soon. Nigel Green has a number of ex convicts working in his organisation from top to bottom.

Why does Nigel Green keep changing the name of his company?

Why was Nigel Green on BBC Panorama documentary (WHO STOLE MY PENSION)? check it out.

Why does Nigel Green shut one company down as quickly as he opens another?

Why does Nigel Green encourage all his staff to sell his own Valis Funds that have little or no track record?

Why does Nigel Green demand 4% from your lump sum investment when he gets paid 6-8% from the various companies on top on this?

Why does Nigel Green surround himself with ex double glazing salesmen who don't know the first thing about Financial Services?

Why does...

Why does... Greed & scam greed & scam greed & scam greed & scam

it goes on and on and on... Make your own mind up about this dreadful company and the uneducated scammers that represent it. deVere have a nice flashy website but the staff are generally cheap people who will tell you anything to clinch the deal.

Remember the saying- Honesty is very expensive gift. Don't expect it from cheap people!

This sums up deVere in their entirety.

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Anyone that deals with devere for their qrops WILL get STM and providence, why? because they own much for being independent, they are not even regulated and simply rip people can a brokerage claim to be independent when they offer products from a company they OWN?????


All of this occurs because the offshore financial services industry is not robust enough to police the activities that goes on within its borders, and because of the greed and stupidity of people who buy these overpriced products.

Mr Green is a very clever individual - you try and do what he has done in building the devere empire.


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