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Thank you for your creative complaint. We are proud to offer sound professional financial advice to over 70,000 clients all over the world. Whilst it is expected that some investments do depreciate instead of appreciate, the majority of our clients are happy with the bank beating returns that we regularly offer them. The reason we have become the world’s leading independent financial consultancy is because we offer the very finest financial advice available administered through fully qualified financial advisers.
San Jose, California

The deVere Group and Rat droppings are very similar, why you may ask?

Rat droppings spread disease & discomfort when they come into contact with humans. There are a number of ways this can happen, orally being the main common denominator.

Rats are right across the globe spreading their infections diseases with them, in all countries they have a presence they have rapidly multiplied in numbers. They tend to congregate in packs, think they're elite, are distinctively recognizable from their white background & stripy attire.

Please be warned if you come across this vermin, you should immediately be on your guard. Due to their proven, abysmal track record you have a very high probability of losing your wealth or should I say health or both!

Is there currently a cure for such vermin? Yes- Spread the word & let others know what your experiences were.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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