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deVere Group are proud to offer industry standard qualifications to all new recruits who train with us. This has been the driving force behind our continued global success resulting in 70,000 active clients around the world. The financial service industry is not suited to everyone as it requires long hours and hard work. But by working hard, being honest and offering sound impartial financial planning to clients, you can create a very rewarding career for yourself.

deVere & Partners deVere, Inter Alliance International, PIC, Professional Investment Consultants scam, cold calling, aggressive, unregulated, liars.

deVere and Partners and their cohorts around the world give shoddy service which will mean you'll stand almost no chance of making money nor their products working the way they should. The desperate advisors will try anything to get more commission. Its basically a boiler room. Stay well clear and just use someone else, there are plenty of decent companies.

Your investments will get eaten up with their heinous charges therefore little or nothing comes back to you. They have been masquerading as genuine Financial Advisers for years, they are SALES PEOPLE, COMMISSION DRIVEN ANIMALS that have little or no respect for your investments. That's even if they know what investments are.

Funny how they always tell you they will go away and research the market place yet they always come back with a long term savings Generali Plan. Their staff turnover is about 90% anyone who is decent leaves pretty quickly. They have engaged the services of various companies to consistently write so called good news (media machines), working 24/7 in a desperate bid to block out all the truth about their scams & unscrupulous sales operations globally.

devere have been thrown out of many countries, fined, in some cases had staff locked up. They have a blatant disregard for any countries employment laws, company laws, immigration laws.

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Out of interest, what commission is paid to de Vere salespeople?

If, for example, the investment from the client paid 500 pounds to the employer(not sure what the level of these commissions is, but use this as an example), then how much does the salesmen get?


I was thinking about working for Devere Group.Is there someone out there that has worked for this group that can give me their opinion.I noticed what the agent gets in commission is the lowest in the industry.Thanks


How many times have I seen the comment 'I wish I saw this site before I let those *** men anywhere near my savings. Here it is again.

They have lied , cheated and forged (as in forgery) me and left me with *** investments that I would never have bought of my own choice.

And after they rip you off they have the nerve to ask if you can recommend any of your friends or co workers who might might have a nice little nest egg that they can break into. STAY AWAY FROM THEM:


I have been an ex-pat for many years and have been contacted by them in Dubai, Hong Kong, Japan and now China.

Each individual told me what they thought I wanted to hear but what I found most incredible was their inabilty to answer the questions I asked. I met some buffoon in beijing recently who had either been out for a few at lunch time or had had a jolly up the night before. Half way through he forgot what he was talking about.

What's more is his sidekick who phoned me wanted ME to come to HIS office so I had to pay for a taxi.

I have a keen interest in the investments available and like the comment above have found a reliable advisor in the UAE and in Japan.

I will continue to meet devere reps when they call as I always make sure I get a coffee out of them.


This is our experience of De Vere's too. They were keen to sell a product (and in the case of my colleague lied about some of the information which she discovered later) and after that were only interested in getting referals, not the maintaining the investments.

In fact one time we were told "Well there's not much point me coming to see you if you can't give me any more referrals."

We now go to a really professional outfit, who make their money by charging a % of what they earn for you per 1/4.

So it makes sense for them to be on top of how the investments are doing. I don't mind paying, but I expect professional service.


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