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As a company, we consistently strive to reach the high standards expected of us by our clients. Nonetheless, we do understand that issues may arise and we are always very willing to clear up any queries or complaints our clients may have. This is also true when it comes to complaints posted on this particular site. Should you have any particular query, please contact our client relations department and we will be happy to look into it further.
Dubai, Dubai

A word to those looking for information on scams & unethical dealings by DeVere. They engage in careful content management and 'flood' sites like these with their responses which then rank first....knowing that people are lazy researchers.

Google's own research shows 53% of people do not look beyond the first two responses and 89% do not look past page one. They are 'managing' (read: manipulating) this site to bury their sins. This company is the worst of the worst- incapable of change as the corporate culture is rotten top down to bottom. They do employ naïve & desperate sales people who may appear plausible.


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