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deVere Group offers driven individuals the chance to develop a successful career in international financial advice. The more you help people to achieve their financial goals, the more successful you will become. We offer all recruits full comprehensive training, gaining them a CISI qualification in wealth management. It is tough, but for the right people it can be the opportunity of a lifetime.
Hook, Wales

I have just come back from Thailand after working for the Devere Group,high pressure sales force,you don't make any maney in this game,but they say everything good to get you out there!!

Don't cost me £1000,s

James Davenport London

be wise and take my advise,i'm 42 years old and experienced in this field,they seem to prey on young men and women who have a dream of living in thailand and making big bucks,but it won't happen

thanks for reading..james

Try looking for a company in the UK first,who is FSA reg

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Scam, even the guy on the phone sounded as if he came from a call centre....Did not want to give his telphone number but gave somebody else´s , Mark Gibson, who would then send me an email, they said. When asked where they got my tel no from they said after some hesitation via LinkedIn.

They wanted to know my address and pay me a personal visit! What, you can *** off!

Righ from the start it sounded like a big *** and an internet check on the Devere Group confirmed my suspicions!

Do not touch ith a barge pole! :(
Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland #589370

Get a life people. There is not much point in carrying on talking about IFAs.

The real point is, what kind of people want an unqualified and an unregulated service which will be dealing with your MONEY, very likely will provide you with an advise that even a monkey could reach too? Only *** people! The same goes for those who work for this kind of company. Nobody needs a IFA.

If you want to invest your money? Do your homework and find a top bank or financial institution and they will help you.

Bear this in mind - these organization will have QUALIFIED advisers. So if you put your money through a IFA and get a bad service and poor return - don´t complaint because you are the only one to blame!!


Many names all a scam and ripoff, devere simply rip off clients, do NOT DEAL WITH DEVERE THEY ARE SCAM RIPOFF ARTISTS


I also joined deVere but have to say it's definitely a hard slog but massively rewarding financially and if done right you make great friends and lifelong clients too. I'd worked for them for 3 years as a consultant before heading home to tend to family illness's but can offer this advise.

Many people join convincing themselves that they are hard working, self motivated prepared to make a go of it characters. In the cold hard light of day they turn out to be lazy, hide in a corner and blame everyone else for my failures complainers. I witnessed many of these types coming and going regularly. Success is not given, you have to earn it, sure they charged me for expenses that were about £60 a month (not much) but I earned what they offered and had in my opinion some great products to offer.

OK, I've been away for 9 months but intend to go back and join them again. On these blogs I'm disappointed because you can only hear the squeaky wheel and I and other actual advisors with devere have many testimonials from live clients on our website stating the contrary to postings on here.


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