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All our advisers are fully qualified with internationally recognised qualifications. As the world’s leading independent financial consultancy, we are able to offer clients exclusive investment products that aren’t readily available anywhere else. Clients invested in our exclusive income notes have recently enjoyed returns of as much as 63%. (Press release available on our website). Now with over 80,000 clients and $10 billion under advice and administration, we are confident that we provide the very best financial planning available.

Unfortunately these lot really are a bunch of conning b******rds. Due to the lack of a need for financial qualifications, and the lack of enforcement by domestic authorities in jurisdictions like philipines, indonesia, thailand etc 90% of those that work there have no qualifications and no real understanding of the financial system or care for their clients wellbeing.The life assurance linked investments that they peddle all pay huge upfront commissions and what most investors dont realise is that they can only get to there initial 18 months investment at the end of there 25 year plan or similar. They all peddle 25 year plans because of the huge commissions, which will cost you money unless you see it out till the end. A 5 year plan is a much better option in all cases but they keep this quiet as it does not pay.Much of the upper management were involved in boiler room scams in the late 90's early 2000's and know every trick in high pressure sales.they treat staff like *** and bully and lie. They'll say that it is only those that fail that complain about them on websites like this. Infact they are a morally degenerate organisation who continually tell there staff that what they are doing is ok. They say this over and over and start to believe there own lies. its an absolute scandal that they've been allowed to operate for so long. kidding hard working expats with there sales patter. it's about time someone exposed these crooks for what they really are.

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