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De Vere Group employs a cunning method of existing at their consultants' cost. YOU pay for their office space, YOU pay your enormous phone bill as you spend most of your time cold-calling, as they WILL NOT give you any leads. YOU pay your relocation costs and in the end you are forced to stay in a strange country with nothing more than a fool's hope that one day they will pay your hard-earned commission, just because you have nowhere to go anymore as you are out of money.

THEREFORE,why should you support a BOGUS firm at your expense?

All the more, these scammers seem to be close to bancruptcy. Cheating on taxes, unable to pay the minimum capital and selling unapproved financial products, they have already been kicked out of Singapore and as long as you do not pay them YOUR money, they will walk the streets soon.

Check this out:



Yes people in this come do make a lot of money, last year the manager of Spain Andrew Oliver made 663k but most of that was from fund switches and taking other peoples business, he had a fight with his Co-ordinator Luke Forrest about this at the xmas party where they got separated by a Mike Coady.

But the people who make the money are the ones who don't care how they make it, this is a guy who was sleeping with a lady in his own office in Marbella and then two others in the Costa Blanca office and one in the office i worked in in Madrid.

These people are the lowest of the low


Is the basic wage paid? Do any of u know??? it doesnt sound like it....


Dont be all neg heads...its the boiler room..the money is there to be made..


be very careful, the recruiters do nothing but lie to get you there. Ask for copies of any contracts and ask a lot of questions before committing to anything.


Any feedback from attendees of the Nigel Green presentation in London, hosted at Heathrow Airport? I would appreciate any comments that you may have. Is this a get rich quick scheme or simply the road to ruin?


My son went thru" the whole recruitment process and was told that he had been offered a job in UAE.

He asked for a copy of the contract so that he could get our lawyers to read it.

Reluctantly the recruitment Big Wig sent it, all I can say is that if anyone actually reads their contract, accepting their contract is the last thing you would do.

There are easier ways of earning a living. :roll :roll


Thank you for your advice , "KNOWTHESCORE" as with Brett , I live in the Northwest and would have been a costly exercise travelling to Heathrow etc , to find out it wasnt all " Rosey" ..

I in the end I decided not to chance it , however I still would like to work overseas in this industry , so if anyone has advice of a DECENT recruitment or agency to speak to in Uk i would be grateful of a tip off ... Thanks .

P.s BRETT from Manchester , did you go to heathrow ?? and if so what are your thoughts now ?? .. Cheers

DT .


what have people thought of the meeting? i have been invited to the same meeting at Heathrow this Friday, but i dont want to travel all the way from Manchester to find that this is all a joke.

Do you not get any sort of basic pay package? is it all just Commision?


Dear Thomas,

A lot of this is written by disgruntled employees and although they have every right to be angry their emotions may be in the way.

Firstly, devere mask the truth (or lie if you have been stung by them) as you will need to work for them for over 5 years before you make any money. This is not a get rich quick scheme despite them saying so.

Secondly, developed financial and expat dominated countries like HK, UAE, Spain have a strong presence and can make a lot of money. developing countries, Asia especially, Vietnam, China, Thailand will not make you money.

Finally, you have to pray your consultant knows his stuff and is a decent guy. If he isnt you stand to lose a lot!

I was lucky when I worked in Dubai, good team, good memories and good life. Others have not been so fortunate.

If you are not %100 comitted to this or if you have any doubts at all then my adivce would be stay away. It will only cost you in the long term.


I too have a preview meeting at heathrow nxt week ..

i am a bit unsure now after reading the comments ..

Has anyone attended one in the last few week and got a second interview , are your alarm bells ringing or do you think its maybe just abit of a " disgruntled" minority


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