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Moscow, Moscow

Update by user Feb 01, 2013

Sorry, the "consultants" name is actually Taner Kaplankiran.

Original review posted by user Jan 31, 2013

DeVere consultant Taner Kaplankerim has sold me a saving plan with Generali, misleading me to believe that I can withdraw all my money if not satisfied with performance after the initial investment period (18 months). In reality, when I performance was miserable and I wanted to withdraw my money, they showed me surrender value of $3.5 K on my investment of $26 K.

The rest was consumed by "administrative fee" of 2% per annum, but charged upfront on all the money that I would ever contribute over a 20-year period. They even did not show the breakdown of charges, but the fact is that Generali pays its agents (DeVere) upfront high comissions, and then charges it on the customer.

Monetary Loss: $22500.

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Hi Yuri, just wondered why you didn't read the documentation from Generali. As an ex Generali employee it strikes me that you seem to be taking no responsibility for not reading the contract fully regarding the initial period and how those units stay in the plan till the plan matures.

If you believe everything someone tells you so easily perhaps I could borrow a $1000 off you to unlock my nigerian bank account? :roll
to dubious #657799
DeVere have infiltrated this site, probably paying PC lots of money to try & succumb the flow of negative comments which from what I've read look justified.

Did you see that deVere (Nigel Green's) own Fund UAM has just been frozen? This Fund has $50,000,000.00 of deVere client money locked down.

DeVere were also very recently thrown out of Belguim by the regulator, what's that all about?

deVere are coming on PC replying to the complaints then closing the complaint down. It's their way of silencing the critics.
Why are PC letting them get away with it? :cry
to dubious Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation #660340

The contract is well written by professional lawyers to hide the fact that it is front-loaded by admin fees. I gave it to a friend who is graduate of Harvard law school, worked for many years in leading law firms and is now head of legal department at a large corporation, and even he said it can be interpreted in many ways.

Potentially it can be disputed in court, but going to court against Generali in Guernsey Island would cost me much more than I've lost already.

The fact that you would be robbed is well hidden in the definitions section: " Surrender Value is the Investment Value of the Policy less any: accrued charges, pro rata investment administration charges due; administration fees which would have otherwise been deducted over the remaining Premium Payment Term..." This is the catch: you pay for the full 20-year period for all the money you would contribute in the future.

And finally, if you want to borrow even a penny from me, keep in mind that I would never deal with anyone who worked for DeVere or Generali, so you can try to borrow from someone else.


Yuri, I know this man and he has done something similar to me. I have his phone number and even know where he lives. Please email me on: kirillpopov2488(sobaka)gmail(tochka)com

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to robertandy15 #635552
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To want to expose bad practice: send the link of this site and threads to everyone you know and ask them to keep sending forward...and just ask people to read and think twice before taking advise from anyone company listed in this site.


Yuri, below are all the groups he is member of in Linked in. Join each of those groups , figure out which is the main one for info exchange. Keep a reular eye out for all his and his colleagues postings and immediatly slam dunk them. Open up your own discussion in one of the groups. Ask the question. Has anybody in this group bought this *** product from Generali or whoever. Get a discussion going where deVere are named , where Taner is named. Be professional and you cannot be accused of unfounded allegations. Also, great advice from Starhollow.. file a formal complaint with the relevant authorities in Russia.

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Yuri: unfortunately I have no idea how the law is in Russia, what kind of license you need to offer financial advice and what consumer protection rights are in place to require full disclosure of such costs before signing up (as they are required in Germany).

I can only recommend that all disgruntled clients files protests/claims of malpractice to their relevant authorities in their countries

a) in order to find a chance how to claim your money back

b) to avoid that others fall in the same trapp

c) to show that Nigel GReens claim that in effect there are now disgruntled clients but all this is just a smear campaign by ex-DeVere advisors or competition is simply wrong. The more national authorities all over the world get word that and how this company abuses the trust of clients, the earlier they can get shut down.


Reading, England, United Kingdom #602863

Devere staff are trained to stich you up, I know because I went through their course. Have you seen their sales pitch? Someone posted on here, bet it sounds familiar, you will have heard it word for word already.

There are many 'astards at deVere, it all stems from the very top. Check out BBC Panorama documentary 'who stole my pension' all about one of Nigel Greens companies that was stitching up old age pensioners in UK. Look at the video on YouTube.

Good luck my friend.


Does this Taner Kaplankerim go by another name? he does not appear to be on Linked In, where all Devere Scammers hang out.

Find him on linked in and out him as a charlatan.

to Berni Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation #602528

Sorry, the name is Taner Kaplankiran. He is there on LinkedIn.

How can I mark him as a scammer? I am not sure there is such an option.

to yuri_mash #657098

My ex partner worked for devere in Moscow - he was a sales man who had been sacked for gross misconduct in the UK, he is in a mess financially to the point his bank account was closed i receive all his debt letters and he owes me £10,000 which he stole. But yet he is still allowed to advice people in Moscow how to invest money for their future after 1 week course to learn a script - disgusting!

to Mugged! #657225

Your husband probably fits the deVere mould well from my personal experience. I worked for deVere for a good number of years & can confirm its run by criminals, at most levels.

Send all your information to your MP.

to Mugged! #657311
Oh yes - I have phoned Devere in the UK and emailed numerous times asking how they can allow a man to sell finance when he is so much debt in the UK which ignores - he even had his bank account closed here! He doesn't even send a penny for his 7 year old child but yet he strongly advising people to invest thousands for their children's future ...

It's disgusting!

He was sacked from his past 3 jobs for gross Mis-conduct ... He owes me £10,000 which he stole from me but it's ok he is now in Moscow and is untouchable :(
to Mugged! #657315

You should write the whole story here on PC. Put his name and deVere so when anyone searches it will come up :-)

Justice is sweet!

to Mugged! #657783

His name is Mike Tubbritt - he is not financially trained at all.. He is in a huge amount of debt in the UK..

He started working for Devere in May 2010 in Moscow after 1 weeks course to learn a script - they never credit checked him at all.

Now he is still selling finance for people to invest in their child's future when he doesn't provide at all for his only child - disgusting! He worked with Dave Moralee and the guy named above


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