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deVere Group are proud to offer industry standard qualifications to all new recruits who train with us. This has been the driving force behind our continued global success resulting in 70,000 active clients around the world. The financial service industry is not suited to everyone as it requires long hours and hard work. But by working hard, being honest and offering sound impartial financial planning to clients, you can create a very rewarding career for yourself.
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I had a friend who worked for those scammers, they fed her a load of rubbish in UK about how much money she'd earn working in Bangkok making cold calls to expats. She worked there for 3 months wasn't paid a penny, said that the salesman used to go out drinking and taking drugs all night. Also the manager was a bully, encouraged and promoted you being dishonest in order to obtain information on highly paid executives working in the region.

After researching this company I would advise everybody stay well clear, she lost over $9,000.00 also become an emotional wreck after dealing with this unprofessional bunch. javascript:ac_smilie(':cry')

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I received a cold call and later when we met around 2 weeks back the meeting started fairly well and this salesman painted a very rosy picture....

Later started asking lot of personal details and of course I did not told him everything and suddenly after an hr of showing interest he changed his tone and mentioned he doesn't have any product to offer stating reasons that he could have easily mentioned in the very beginning.

It felt as he was just interested in getting

personal information.... Too bad !!

Wish I would have visited this site earlier.


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