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Conyers, Georgia

Here are the cold calling tricks I was taught by devere. 

If you are Xing or Linked-in or any networking site, you're in big trouble. This is a common place to obtain names. If I had an appointment with you, I would cross reference your name on Facebook and other networking sites before our meeting. Then take down a few names of people that you know or are connected to. 

Innocently, in the meeting with you, I would ask if you know 'so and so' (of course you do!). You feel relaxed because you think I know one of your friends. I don't of course, I only wrote their names down an hour ago. "Great, I know him too, can I mention your name when I call him." you reply. "Of course!" 

Next day. Ring ring. "Hi, I was given your name by so and so, he said you would be very interested in talking to me about blah blah!" Bingo, you have unwittingly recommended me! 

 Your office number is 0800 667000. So, let's call 0800 667001/002/003/004 etc, etc. Logging into the extension numbers is easy. Most major companies have a telephone system that attaches the extension numbers onto the end of the main number. I would stay late and wait until you had all left your office and then call the HO number but add a couple of extra number on the end and keep dialling until I got the voicemails and then I hear: "Hi, this is David Davies, senior auditor. Sorry I can't get to the phone right now." 

Next day: Ring Ring. "Oh Hi David, I was given your name by one of your colleges who is a client of mine, he said you would be interested in talking to me about….blah blah blah." You assume, as I have your direct dial and know your name you really were referred! 

I have many many more of these, but you get the idea. This is how I sold a load of dodgy policies to you guys but at the end of the day if you had bothered to do your research on devere you would never have let me in the office, so more fool you.

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Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany #662302

i have conned lots of expats in germany. its great working for devere


Yes Stephen Howes is related to Terry - They are brothers. If you're looking for Stephen I suggest venturing to the nearest ladyboy bar or ask a few drug dealers, you'll soon find him. Stephen is working for Montpellier now!

Shanghai, Shanghai, China #643923

Another name for the list is Stephen Howes, maybe related to the below mentioned Terry Howes. These guys are leeches, unfortunately i have been one of those they have sucked dry. Stephen if you are reading this, i just want to meet you one more time, please get in touch!


Terry Howes - Singapore - Shanghai - Now Kuala Lumpur - Grade A *** artist STAY AWAY.

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom #615768

Yes people have been doing this kind of thing since the 1900s but it does not make it right. The people involved are just unethical and the management encourage you to lie just to get people sat down in front of you. It is plain wrong especially when dealing with serious amounts of cash.


This is all true. How do I know?

I was doing this job for 14 months deVere in Asia, they stole commission payments from me & went out drinking & snorting coke.

This being one of their favourite pastimes.

The so called advisors don't have a clue about investments because they ate pure sales people. All your meetings are scripted down to the last word.

Manchester, England, United Kingdom #608360

Nothing that has been said is a surprise. Sales amd cold calling has always used tatics like that.

God the travelling sales guys in 1900 going through the USA used these type of tactics. Whats the big deal???///

Bangkok, Krung Thep, Thailand #607601

To want to expose bad practice: send the link of this site and threads to everyone you know and ask them to keep sending forward...and just ask people to read and think twice before taking advise from anyone company listed in this site. Buy list of emails in the net, there are reasonably cheap and may help you to reach an incredible number of people in one hit.


This is how Devere start their lies when they 1st contact you. The lies continue with a well scripted meeting which they learn back to front.

They are NOT independent. Nigel Green has his own Life CO. His own Valis Funds that have little or no track record. Your investments will PLUMMET in value with all their front end charges, it doesn't STOP their.

Do NOT be fooled by a smart office, it's all a front like their website, you don't have a clue what is behind it unless you've worked for The Scammers or know someone that has.


how about this one " hello my name is whatever and i am calling you to find out if there are any expats working within your company, can you give me there names as i`m going to send them a free magazine blah blah blah, can i have there names plz or this is whatever calling from the british consulate, we would just like the names of any expats as we are doing a poll and will send them a free magazine when you give me there names? HA, beware if your on linked-in.


Mark Gibson


Add the following to the list of scam artist bastards at DeVere:

- Stuart Holmes

- Doug Tucker

- Ethan Batchelor

- Alex Sedgfield

- Stuart Nelson


Yes people in this come do make a lot of money, last year the manager of Spain Andrew Oliver made 663k but most of that was from fund switches and taking other peoples business, he had a fight with his Co-ordinator Luke Forrest about this at the xmas party where they got separated by a Mike Coady.

But the people who make the money are the ones who don't care how they make it, this is a guy who was sleeping with a lady in his own office in Marbella and then two others in the Costa Blanca office and one in the office i worked in in Madrid.


Happy shovelling


i had a life, but a Devere IFA took a large chunk of it and bought himself a new BMW with it. i will work harder for the next 5 years, and perhaps i can get it all back.

to Ian London, England, United Kingdom #650220



get a life intead of writing rubbish online about devere.


get a life intead of righting rubbish online about devere.


This sounds just like how they operate. Some good tips here for budding IFAs. I would rather shovel *** than rob people.


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