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Los Angeles, California

De Vere should beware of ****** ****** ex AES.  He is obsessed by negative blogs. He gets his high from writing them. Wilson has now moved back to London where he feels safe to write his negative material.  ****** ****** is ex Guardian, ex AES and soon to be ex deVere. ****** ******'s brother is a recruiter, James Wilson.  ****** ****** used to write negative blogs against Guardian Wealth Management now he can't stop himself writing about everyone.  ****** writes negative blogs for highs now.

****** ****** is a scam SEO artist. He can make anyone look bad. Lots of people know the truth about him and in the end his family will suffer. He makes others suffer what does he think will happen to him in the end.

Wilson's are leaches. They just suck people dry.  ****** ****** used to take drugs for highs now he gets his highs from writing negative ***. Beware of the ******'s.

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Lund, Skane, Sweden #583828

I was recruited by James Wilson who also scammed me He pretended to be independent under the name of forefront recruitment but I soon found he really worked for DeVere. Everything he told me was a lie about them. I feel completely betrayed about this company - DO NOT BELIEVE THEIR PROMISIS!

to Stuart and James Wilson Scam #586506

I don't think he's ever lied about who he recruits for !

Bearing in mind if you read his linkedin profile most of his recommendations are from current deVere consultants!

And the fact he hosts the previews also !!! Wouldn't that give it away?

From what I hear he never got any complaints when he was taking deVere consultants and placing them with other "smaller" cowboy companies in the industry who would basically not be around without ex deVere consultant . FACT ! Lol

And if you have a grievance with James why don't you just call him or email him.

Instead of posting an anonymous blog on an anonymous grip site ? Cowards ?

Or is it because you are just one of the cowboy companies out there that's he's going to target next year in a big way !

When will you realise have no credibility posting lies on this site !

Its all just disinformation which no one of real quality or calibre takes any notice !

He recruited me and he knows exactly what he's doing and if you had an issue just get in touch with him ?? Oh sorry your the competition !


I would also add to the comment that James Stuart's brother is also a *** man who passes himself off as a so called recruitment consultant. What makes it worse is he operates under different names to hide how corrupt he actually his !

He owes lots of money beats his ex-wife and kids up and simply cannot be trusted.

These brothers are just ***-men who go round companies posting blogs and ripping people off.

They cannot be trusted.


Getting rid is the best thing devere have done!



Stuart Wilson can try and make a joke of this but that LOSER is finish, a crushed, broken man, nowhere to go now. WASTE OF SPACE SPONGER, BASED ON HIS SALES FIGURES CALLING HIMSELF A SALESMAN IS SCAM.


I dont have much to say as its all true other than the fat bit :cry

What's the big deal about this Wilson bloke. Seems like a nice guy. Come on Wilson spill the beans....


This is one scammer who is finished, he will be busking for a living now. Nothing wrong with being bad at your job but this guy took the biscuit i heard.

I second Mosta Bomb, total waste of space this guy, i hope his scamming is better than his sales pitching.... :p

This guy didn't know how to bill so its no wonder he turned his hand to scam, what a bleeder. Makes me sick to think he is now gonna *** the hand that fed him and the other waste of space, his brother.


Glad to see the back of him, useless, he is full of hot air, total failure, scammer, takes but never gives anything back.


Its all over for Wilson he can't beat the devere machine, he can crawl back under his stone the maggot. He thinks he can scam i'd like to see him try, he is finished as an adviser - no loss he was rubbish anyway, just throwing good money after bad to him.


Yeah _ run away and hide Forrest before you get crushed you fat ginger maggot

Everybody beware of Stuart Wilson the SEO scam artist who has no job no money no friends and no hope of crawling out of his pathetic life.


Yeah _ run away and hide Forrest before you get crushed you fat ginger maggot

Everybody beware of Stuart Wilson the SEO scam artist who has no job no money no friends and no hope of crawling out of his pathetic life.


I hear deVere are all over this guy and he is finished, not got enough money to take on a powerful enemy like them. They don't mess around he is out of his depth playing with the big boys now.

the truth will come out, this post will be deleted if untrue and willson will get revenge :grin

This site would have a bit more credibility if the owners moderated the comments,removed the personal attacks and ensured that meaningful and credible postings are the only ones tolerated, whether that be from the firm in question or those that feel that they have been badly advised.


Frankie Frazer thank god you posted.

It is the posts from devere group guys like you, i.e. illiterate, uneducated, pathetic and vindictive jabbering jokers, which show what devere group and its sales people are really like.

Poor Nigel Green. For all his faults, lies and criminality, he must get flaming mad that his own people are commenting freely like imbeciles on sites like this, and destroying all his hard work and the thousands he is spending on trying to give the impression his company are half respectable.

In the real world of regulated international finance, devere are just a laughing stock of crooks, but luckily for the readers here, you and your devere friends keep it all in perspective.

Keep it up


Hey Axe To Grind how come you've moved from London to Georgia dude in 24 hours - using Tor are we.

Are you that Pie-eater knobhead Wilson larging it behind a fake posting - you probably are, you think you are a hard man fella, well you and your brother are both fat losers.

Enjoy signing on the dole you tax dodging turd.


It seems pretty clear to me that someone who works for deVerie wrote this blog. The chap they're complaining about mush know some pretty damaging stuff that could cause major embarrassment to them.

When Wilson sees this I imagine he'll be pissed and want to escalate.

I'm very surprissed that Nigel Green hasn't been kidnapped & tortured, Taliban style for what he's done to some people. I know he's a fast runner, let's hope he has his nikes on.


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