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deVere Group are proud to offer industry standard qualifications to all new recruits who train with us. This has been the driving force behind our continued global success resulting in 70,000 active clients around the world. The financial service industry is not suited to everyone as it requires long hours and hard work. But by working hard, being honest and offering sound impartial financial planning to clients, you can create a very rewarding career for yourself.
London, England

Do not go to Malta to train to work for these jokers! They will tell you lies to get you there!

First of all they do not provide you with leads or and sort of assistance including a basic. It all about numbers - throw *** at the wall and see what sticks! They do not care weather you are successfull or not!

They will then at the end of the course make you sign the contract which is to their advantage and will further more not give you a job, unless you sign there and then!

I went there open minded, ignoring all the stuff I had seen on the internet, thinking that it couldnt be true, but guess what?! IT IS TRUE!

The trainer is a moddy ole dog by the name of Christine Watson, who says she is 40 but looks more like 50! She has a twisted looking mouth which has clearly why she has a chip on both shoulders!

She made two people cry just by being an assey *** and one person left half way through the course.

Please be aware if you do go away to Malta, it nothing like a holiday, they had us up to warly in the morning with home work and it was one of the most stressful weeks of my life!

There are other Wealth Management companies out there! they not the only one!

If you go out there you will be making a mistake!

Good luck

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Once those ex double glazing salesman-So called Managers get you on the wheel of misfortune they'll make it impossible for you to get off.

Always remember what mummy told you "if it sounds too good to be true, it most definitely is".

Just read all the comments on this site, it's all true. I know because I work for the thieves.

They never put the customers interests first, only how they can maximize on commissions at customers expense. Please be warned this is a very dubious company.


I've been on the devere & Partners wheel of misfortune for some time. All posts on this site are correct from what I've read.

They simply throw you all against the wall to see who sticks.

If your lucky you might get some crumbs off their table. That's the way it is, if your in their criminal gang you need to extract yourself quickly.


This company is under investigation by Financial Services Authority (FSA) which has been ongoing. It is only a matter of time before the boiler house boys are brought to justice.


Why would you start work for a company if you even have to that question? Isn't that a bit like saying "I'm about to jump in a shark tank - any ideas on how to get out quick?"

Yeah! Don't jump in!


In response to written on 8th Jan......

A. If it sounds too good to be true it is

B. trust no one

C. Be prepared for initial financial hardship

D. If you are serious about a career in financial services then remember reputation is everything.

Good luck


I am meant to start work with them this week! any guide lines i should take to at least try and be safe?


Many single premium investments will pay between 5% and 7% commission on the amount invested. So devere (not the IFA) will receive £14,000 commission for investing say 200K assuming 7% commission.

This commission will be from the insurer or investment manager or fund manager who they invest your money with.

Assuming the IFA invests via a ‘wrapper’ which is very likely, (this is investing your money with the insurer and in-turn invests into various funds) the Offshore IFA will ask the insurer to invest the money in those various funds, most of which will pay a further commission (called 'soft' commission) of between 0% and 5%.

Some IFA’s will stretch much further and take yet further commission, whereby each time they change a fund within the investment ie ' the wrapper' they will receive each time 0% to 5% (this might be done 2, 3 or 4 times a year). This is often referred to as 'rape and pillage'.

To top it off, many Offshore IFA’s charge a management fee of 1% to manage your money. As most offshore IFAs are not actual asset or fund managers the 1% management fee is for managing…well……nothing!

So, as a guide, if you had a meeting with an Offshore IFA that wanted to sell you an investment in a wrapper and take commission on the funds that they chose while switching say, twice a year and also charging you a 1% management fee. The total fee would be approximately:

Insurance wrapper @7% £14,000

Fund allocation within the wrapper@3% £6000

2 fund swaps over the financial year @3% x2 £12000

1% management fee £2000

That’s…£34,000!!!!! In commission on 200K

In case you haven’t worked that out yet, that’s 17% of your investment gone in commissions!

I know because I sold this rubbish.


The lady who was sacked at deVere luckily had compromising pictures of her and the said Manager together in his hotel room which she has shown to all and sundry, and has been given her job back. The new middle aged woman coordinator in the Denia Office he is now very intimately FRIENDLY with is being promoted to consultant even though she has no financial background and a dubious past in the UK. Just goes to show that deVeres moto of good Service leads to success really is true.






The Testimonials page is dedicated to a selection of reviews on what the deVere Group clients have to say about our service culture. If you have further questions about our product range and the advice that we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Testimonial by M.S.

This is to confirm that I have been a client of Andy Oliver since 2008. I am very pleased with the quality and professionalism of the service of deVere Group. Andy has upheld these values in an exemplary fashion. He conducts himself in a very professional manner, is always well informed and supplies me with excellent and well explained financial advice.

I have confidence in the advice I have received to date and look forward to receiving continued excellent service from Andy.

Written proof available and upon request of the client

Its nice to see that they are now even write there own testimonials.

But they don't write that he is married and is widely known to have slept with one of his Coordinators in the Costa Blanca office before he sacked her, he then made his way on to the other coordinator in the office and sleeping with her whilst the whole time being married, is this the kind of man you want as an advisor and a boss???/


George Prior who wrote the story for the telegraph lives in Spain and is his mate!

Well know fact.


Of course they would say he is a financial expert they was paid to write that.

Not wasting time at all just saying the truth about the man. Im sure most employees would say the same maybe you have also slept with him????


Are you for real Mr Brett, sounds like you are just a bitter EX employee...why would you waste your time being so malicious....don't you have a job now is that it?????


100% agree with above poster, and the guy mentioned is one of biggest tolls i have ever

worked and shared an office with in my working days.

A thief a *** artist would sell his own mother for a few quid.


A complete joke of a company you only make money if you suck up to the management, the management are only it in for themselves, they dont pay on time dont pay commission if you leave. If you go to Spain you only succed if you sleep with the Manager Andrew Oliver and then you may even be sacked as one lady in Costa Blanca office found out


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