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deVere Group are proud to offer industry standard qualifications to all new recruits who train with us. This has been the driving force behind our continued global success resulting in 70,000 active clients around the world. The financial service industry is not suited to everyone as it requires long hours and hard work. But by working hard, being honest and offering sound impartial financial planning to clients, you can create a very rewarding career for yourself.
London, England

I wish i had known then what i know fact i did but to be honest i was of the opion it was some disgruntle ex employees and i would make up my own mind !!!

i was wrong....

i gave up everything to go work in sunny spain for a decent lifestyle and potentially a 100k year job !!!!

now i can´t even afford to eat, let alone a flight home !!!

I ask myself everyday how it came to this and whats worse.....i stuck it out for 12months......many times i went to resign but i am obviously easily led.....and they persuaded me to stay....i would get paid they told me !!!!!

Never happened !!!!!

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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Hey Jonny Roberts

which deVere sweat shop do you work for.


London, England, United Kingdom #647187

So basically you were *** at your job, didn't earn any money and blamed it on de Vere, you were happy to work for this type of company when the chance to earn big bucks was available.

Also, perhaps get off the internet (which costs money) and go to work and you might be able to afford to eat!


Boro Lady, your story fills me with sadness but it also needs to be told to a broader audience. Consider using linked in to expose them. Also, bear in mind that they will be exposed for what they are very soon.


I know longer care about any of this, it has serious affected my health & state of mind and broken my spirits. I thought i had friends but every single of them turned out to stab me in the back & all for there own gain. Even once considered a close friend who claimed he would "die" for his friends....told me with his devere head on him...That i cost him money personally "..... because of my actions on this site.......i tell the truth...the same guy who saw me in the gutter with no food in my house, no petrol in my car , its an endless list, but he just looked straight through me, coz it wasn´t his probelm....."die" for my friends my ***.......his day will come and he will realize devere have no mass on him either, he might be golden boy now but i remember too when he they took the *** out of him & laugh at him behind his back.....The wheel will turn, it always does....

So i have have packed my bags, and returning to my home, my family & my real friends and someday i will regain my spirits and maybe i may trust people again one day :-(

my advice to everyone who reads this, do not work for devere anywhere in the world and do not ever do business with them, if you want there products, go directly to the provider.

Thank you all for your kindness and understanding and letting me air my opinion without prejudices.

I wish you all a long & happy life but i am closing the book on this chapter of my life and hopefully i put it to very back of my mind, even down to my toes and forget this past year and half....and never will i return to Spain again... Thank you& good night X


I would gladly stand up in court and swear on oath that 90% of the devere IFA's are ex salesmen of some discription with out any financial background, but are promised the earth and training to become qualified IFA's. its total ***.

the recruitment procedure is very slick and once you have been "accepted" you go on a 3- 4 day training course. this is basically 4 days to learn a script...... ALL the devere sales guys start there meeting with the following lines. the purpose of this meeting is for me to tell you about devere and partners and for you to tell me about yourself....

devere and partners have over 40,000 clients in 40 countries thru out the world............ and they carry on with the script..... if you learn it parrot fashion and can come across without it sounding scripted you will get accepted..... you then have to go to your destination office and then the *** fall out of your world............

you are left to sink or swim...... no company back up the managers are complete and utter *** who dont care about anything or anybody other than therre own pocket. I didnt like the way they operated and left the company, leaving me out of pocket to the tune of £6000 plus. you have to wait months to get paid not weeks and they dont care if you need money to survive........

its your problem......... to ANY GUYS LOOKING AT JOINING THEM.......... DONT DO IT......... THEY WILL SINK YOU.




there are many disgruntled customers out there; they bought top loaded products , were lied to about commissions and suitability. A former , unsuccessful devere IFA who for whatever reason could not cut the mustard is somebody who should join forces with robbed clients insofar as we have a common enemy, but comfortable bedfriends we will not be.


I could tell it in full but I think there's enough on here, that people get the picture....I always told clients, that it was disgruntle ex employees on here,& you never see post about people losing money in there investments...... I never thought for one minute I would become a disgruntle Ex Employee.....

Who is now apparently about to be sued over these comments.....I hear.....

They are going to make it there personal business to Ruin Me....I say.....I have nothing left to ruin.....when I said I cannot feed myself... I t wasn't for effect.....its the god dam truth and clearly these people have never starved or been in my situation......I have nothing left for them to take.....


You should write from start to finish you experiences with deVere to warn potential clients & gullible people like you. How much money did you spend?

How much money did they owe you? All 90% of new recruits are doing is build them a database + new prospects. deVere will of course say you didn't cut the mustard. Standard deVere response.

All the blogs on here are from underachievers, disgruntled employees...

Of course they are not, some are but not many. Check out "Who Stole My Pension deVere" the BBC Panarama doc about Nigel Green & his merry men.


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