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Torrance, California

Devere have tried and failed to have all the truth removed from this website. Pissed consumer we salute you.

You have given the underdog, tbe man in tbe street a platform to truly voice their opinion. You have shown resolve under duress we know Nigel Green CEO Devere Group & his henchmen have unlimited financial resources,. If all else fails they will probably resort to violence, been a trait of theirs in the past towards staff that wanted to extract themselves from the scientology like, mind bending clutches of their unscrupulous ways. duck and run for cover...

Devere are coming with their scatter guns..

It's a bit like Bugsy Malone the movie, the IQ of his Management (firm/boys/gang) is very low, half of them couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag.

When will the FSA $ SEC get tough with these *** artists & put out an APB, round them up like the donkeys they are (jack ***).

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It is really sad how some people work in this world. I used to be in the Army, and other odd groups.

I think that in the end the people will meet their match. The majority of them do not live in their local area and only want to to live as they do in their own countries.

I am a foreigner in my chosen country but choose not to mix with other foreigners. I would urge other people living overseas to be careful with contacts to people from your home country and from expats in general


As a reputable financial sdviser I would certainly not wish to be associated with them or Mr Green


Could not agree more. They have threatened and litigated every other site into removing the truth.

You can see that they have even threatened google by the chilling effects links at the bottom of each google page. They.

Ow employ reputation management teams who remove true comments, threaten litigation and build sites and blogs which mention de vere scam and deVere ponzi in a different context to misdirect the innocent public from the truth abou the criminal scams. The staff are all blinded by greed - I know as I worked there and was tight the deVere way to scam clients into their own *** products!


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