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deVere Group are proud to offer industry standard qualifications to all new recruits who train with us. This has been the driving force behind our continued global success resulting in 70,000 active clients around the world. The financial service industry is not suited to everyone as it requires long hours and hard work. But by working hard, being honest and offering sound impartial financial planning to clients, you can create a very rewarding career for yourself.

As an ambitious 26 year old pretty, blond girl with a degree in management from City University in Bulgaria and had wanted to break off from excort work in Knightbridge, London. I had put my name down in several UK jobsites for work in financial services as many of my high-paying clients were accountants and bankers.

I have no financial services experience, but have very good English and an 'engaging' personality. So I thought I was well qualified to give the job a go. I was contacted by a recruiter from de Vere Group and was offered a job as a financial consultant for the company's Moscow office (as I speak Russian). I guess the recruiter calling me got my CV from a jobsite.

I went for the interview which was a presentation. It all looked good: 150,000 a year guaranteed, office location of my choice, full training and a caring firm. I became worried when I got their offer letter which seemed to show that I would have to pay them back my training course expenses, pay for my IFA course and exams (although they said they would do that), do cold calls all on my own!!!! and so on.

When I told them, I had changed my mind after getting the letter, I got a call from one of their managers who said that I would be treated right, if I treated him right. When I asked him if he was referring to sexual favours, he said that he could be. I cut him off and sent letter to Nigel Green, the company's CEO to complain and copied it to Steven Luckett, the recruiter's boss. No response nothing.

de Vere left a bad taste in my mouth and I guess they will in yours too! If you are girl willing to give sex for your career, you could do well there. But if you want a real job, stay clear I say.

Horrible, horrible people.

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Scammers of the highest order, enjoy!

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Did you have any money locked down in their latest tragic UAM Fund? Well over $50M of client money been frozen.



P.I.C which is a part of the De-vere group as soled me a policy for john greens financial & not mean which means that i have lost more than £10,000.

Can someone send me Nigel greens email address?

If you any info on John or Nigel please send to me.

Thanks guys


Looks like you were we and truly shafted, in more ways than one. You only have to goggle devere to see what they;re really about.

I personally know of someone who worked for them, they charged her office costs every month, held back commissions, drip fed her small amounts of money to make her financially reliant on them. They really are the lowest of the low, from the top, right the way down to the bottom.They are sales people nothing else.

to shafted #659355

My ex works for them after taking £10,000 off me to set himself up in the Moscow office... promising me to pay it back!!

After 2 weeks he started living there with a Russian woman ignoring me and his 4 year old daughter to which now I don't get a penny off him ...

He has left all his debt behind in the uk - he has no financial training he was just a sales man who went on a weeks course to learn a script .. He wasn't even credit checked - so now he "advices" people how to invest in their children's future - lol joke!!!


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