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Moscow, Moscow

Can anyone tell me if De Vere Group is regulated by any Financial Services groups? I have been sold a Generali International savings plan with no information about the charges.

I am based in Moscow and have been poorly advised. I understand there is the UK financial services ombudsman and European consumer financial complaints network ("FIN-NET").

Does any one know if Russia has advanced to this level of financial regulation?

But in short it's clear my consultant has no interest in my financial future, only his own, and has no financial knowledge or acumen, or even a basic understanding of mathematics to be honest.


Poor me!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation #612020

The jurisdiction is based on the contract but that is only for the contract with the Offshore Investment company. The Regulation for the advice given is relative to the location of the advice/application.

In this case, Moscow is not covered by the FSA or any other European legislation - as it is outside of this. The term caveat emptor should apply to anything you do in life especially those with a serious long term or financial obligation. Unfortunately, many people get sucked in by the great sales patter. The positive is that Generali are not the worst company out there and at least you started a plan.

I only hope that the monthly amount you chose is the equivalent to what you would pay into a UK pension otherwise when you go back, it will be too expensive for you and you will then suffer. Just be sure the funds you now hold in the plan are in your interest.


De Vere are the largest offshore sales organisation in the offshore marketplace. Regulation is in the jurisdiction of where the investment is based.

Example Isle Of Man and so on.

They can strip someones pension by 25% in a little over 24 months. This is by charges on a QROP and INVESTMENT PLATFORM.

Who is at fault the FSA and regulators of the UK as they do not protect the individual.


To want to expose bad practice: send the link of this site and threads to everyone you know and ask them to keep sending forward...and just ask people to read and think twice before taking advise from anyone company listed in this site. Buy list of emails in the net, there are reasonably cheap and may help you to reach an incredible number of people in one hit.


I suggest that you stop your payments and contact General to inform them you were shafted by another Devere cannon fodder. Scripted meetings, hard sell in your face...

No financial knowledge or basic maths skills, that's Devere all over. They are not regulated which is why they get away with so much appalling behavior. Top Management started life in boiler rooms selling products that didn't even existed. Some were locked up some made big bucks.

They went on to legitimize their company but with the same model of recruit from UK, make them pay for their own flights, accommodation and our office expenses (Devere have no overheads). Great glossy website that projects a very professional image, reality is it's the same low life *** bags behind the wheel driving forward.


Got the hard sell from De Vere's Colin Kneale in Geneva but by the looks of it I did the right thing by turning them down in the end. Frankly, I just didn't understand the product they were trying to sell me so I got cold feet. Invest in what you know, otherwise you're going to get ripped off!


I was a client of this joke firm. Hard sell, high commission because of upfront fees you pay to cover the consultants commission.

Check the initial contribution period. it is there to cover commission for your consultant, you never receive this back. The *** bonuses they have make it look like it gets paid back to you. I researched and found the average Generali plan only lasts for 4 years because it's absolute ***!!!!

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!! Also deVere are not regulated but are on Nigel Green 'Who Stole my Pension'!!!!


Hi, I am glad to see this column as I was thinking about investing through deVere in Moscow through a guy called John Phillips does anyone know him? and what are your thoughts?

He came across quite knowledgable and well dressed compared to myself in this field. He is constantly getting his assistance calling me and I keep trying to delay them as having second thought about working with them now.

I am meeting another company next week hopefully they can share some light and real expertise on this issue.


This lot cold called our office in Cape Town SA. They wouldn't take no for an answer, even said they had someone in our area.

Very pushy, arrogant, uneducated this person sounded.

I'm so glad for this site, reading about this company is a real eye opener. Scammers of the highest order.


Holy cow!

I have just typed in 'devere group scam' and devere have flooded google with tagged strap lines of: 'devere group scam'with all there own articles so none of the bad press appears in the first few pages of google search.

My god these guys must be desperate to hide something.

I've never seen anything like it! They must have a team of web guys constantly bombarding google with 'devere scam' etc in the headers and tags that lead to positive press reports (written by them). They sure are desperate dudes!


Re' RBS 20% AC Note:

Contact DV&P immediately and if possible do so in person at your local office. If you have no joy there then contact RBS. DV&P are not allowed to hold client assets, but RBS are. If the investment capital has gone to RBS as it should have then deal with RBS directly as DV&P personnel tend to have little if any contact with their clients after the deal has been finalised.

They are not IFAs and to be honest you were ill-advised to deal with them in the first place.


re' Irrelevant:

£1.5m per annum. No chance. You'll be lucky to scrape a living unless you are a ruthless and totally unethical individual.

They take on money-hungry desperados not professionals. They have a shockingly bad reputation throughout the community.

You'd be better off missing that interview.

re' Cloggies:

Kiss goodbye to your pension my friend. You took financial advice from a conman and now you've got to work until you drop dead at 100 years old.

Contact the Dutch embassy, they should be able to help you.

Remember, keep away from DV&P they are spank-merchants of the highest calibre!!


I have bought RBS 20% Autocallable Note and am awaiting the De Vere consultant's response to providing me with evidence that I have a note with RBS.

Question: has there actually been people who have not been paid out at maturity ?


Hi there

I have an interview next week with devere group. Can someone please advise me in this regard?

Do the average consultant make 1.5 million per annum as said in the seminar.

Thank you


Hi Can any one help us we invested 10,000's of

Sterling while living in the netherlands

now it is totally worthless

This was our pension I don't mean £10,000.00

near £100,000.00


Dear Consumer, deVere are regulated in UK by FSA, and more recently in US by SEC. It depends in which juristiction you were sold your plan. Let us know and I will inform you of the right Regulatory body to speak to.

You can also report your grievances to FSA and SEC as these regulatory bodies have a common responsibility to ensure the operation of companies they regulate in their respective countries, thay will look at closely the overall dealings of a company operating outside their countries, and if necessary refuse them licenses to operate in the UK, US etc etc. This would be a major blow to deVere, and is the safest and most efficient way of attacking the heart of this rip-off company who steals peoples hard earned money.

The trail of *** left by the major key people running this company are easily tracable, and the more complaints they get about them, the harder they are going to be hit.....

Good luck


Frankly it doesnt matter what % commission the salesmen/company takes. The bottom line is that on a 25 year savings plan via devere not one single penny of the clients money gets invested for 2 years!!!

So that 2yrs worth of investment has gone up in smoke ie commission and charges.

What kind of *** falls for this rubbish?

"Hey I've got a great investment plan for you sir, just give me your money every month and I wont invest a penny for 2 years cause it will all go in my pocket, oh and it is so highly laden with fees and charges you probably wont actually break even for 6/8 years. Suits you sir?"

Lying toe-rag *** salesmen and *** believe anything investors = a great rip-off sale!


Thats right! the salesmen gets about about 3% and this is less than 50% of what devere gets.

So thats al least 6% then!

I should know I've sold this ***. But I would love to see your 'guarantee'!!!!


Regarding the commissions earned by salesman i can guarantee you its not 6% as you quote its 3.5% maximum


i was thinking of working for them but not now


I am shocked and dismayed at the unprofessionalism of some in my profession. I am honest, qualified and reliable, unlike others in my field.

Anyone who does not explain the product or charges properly* should be reported immediately!

*i.e. in such a way that the client signs up ;)


Are you really thinking of worknig for this company?


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