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deVere Group recommends various life products, funds and bank products. In general funds rise and fall in line with the markets and or their own performance. It is possible to have products that do have guarantees in them although this will usually reduce the returns. If you wish to check the advice given then deVere's central client servicing unit will be pleased to help.
Cape Town, Western Cape

From the 8 complaints the only valid one to my mind is Alex. He/She asked a valid question which couldn't/wouldn't be answered. That would also ring warning bells for me.

My De Vere chap wants me to invest overseas. Says my money will be protected, i.e. will always be able to obtain my principle. I don't quite see how he can promise this...if the fund loses money how is it able to pay my original investment. Certainly if the company fails the the insurance will pay back 80-90% of the investment.

Is there anyone who is using DeVere for off-shore investment only? Would like to hear from you.

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