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As the world’s most regulated IFA, deVere Group are required to offer clients the very finest service and advice in accordance with international law. All kinds of Investments carry an element of risk and it is vital that this is understood prior to taking any investments.
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Compensation Consortium Compensation Consortium

compensation-for-former-devere-partners@hotmail. />

Anyone have any info on deVere the cowboy offshore investment specialist then please , can you e mail to the above site there are 350 formers consultants that have had enough and want them shut down and *** man Nigel Green locked up.

We are starting a legal challenge on Green, His Staff, his companies we will not finish until hes finished and he can compensate us to the sum of $12 Million USD pocket change for the man who has Millions in assets and cash.

Nigel Green its over, ps your wife needs to know about the Hookers you use too!

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Don't do it. I'm so bored siting here. Just early morning till early evening staring at my little windows computer, barely making ends meet.

I'm out or here asap, just need my flights back to manc,


I lasted a week in one of their offices in Europe, falling for the same old *** they tell you about the World being your Oyster.

I walked as soon as I witnessed one guy come back from a sale (he was ex car sales!) bragging that he could have done the right thing for an elderly customer and made 1,500 Euro or stitch the guy up with his retirement fund in an unwise high risk product and make 12,000 Euro. Anyone like to guess what he done?

It was shameful to see how everyone in the office congratulated him on his sale.

These pretend IFA salesmen make timeshare guys look like your best friend ever!

Your giving bad karma man - all my love Nigel Green XX :)

I couldn't agree more!!! Of the 10 consultants that I joined DV with only 3 remain and at least 1 of those is only barely breaking even - £150K tax free??? My ***!!!

The company is a scam, run for the benefit of it's owners, with absolutely no regard whatsoever for their staff or clients.

It's outrageous that such a cowboy operation is allowed to continue their operations!!!

Vive la Oman, Qatar, Singapore, Brazil and the Netherlands!!! They've all had the good sense to through the *** out of their jurisdictions.


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