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If for any reason you would like us to stop calling you, please tell the person calling to place you on the DNC list. We will then do our best to ensure that you are not contacted again.
Barcelona, Catalonia

I'm sick and tired of receiving unsolicited 'cold calls' from the so-called 'financial experts' of the Devere group. They phone my home number, my cell phone - and each time begin in the same smarmy, condescending tone.

I'm told I must know them - through colleagues or friends. All of this is pure bull. I must have had dozens of calls over the last two or three years. I've told them repeatedly that I'm not interested in their scams, to remove my phone numbers from their data base.

I've told them to get lost and stronger. But back they come, like Jehovah's Witnesses, and each time it's as if it's the very first call. I'm an ex-pat Brit living in the Barcelona, so I apparently fit their target profile. Of course, all they want to know is if/where I have cash or savings so that they can liberate them from me.

Today I had another call at work and I'm really pissed off. I've just blocked the number used to call me on my cell phone.

When I got home I discovered that they'd phoned there several times today, too. All I can say is, if you find yourself in a similar situation, either hang up or alternatively tell them to *** OFF - and then hang up.

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DeVere pays £70k to Strategic Growth Fund investor (formally UAM Fund which 50 million of severe clients money was locked down!!!

The deVere Group has been forced to return £70,000 to an investor after an internal investigation found the client had not received the best advice.

According to an article published by This is money, the client was advised in 2010 to invest about 80% of his portfolio into a single fund called the Strategic Growth Fund.

The fund’s value subsequently plummeted and was eventually suspended in May last year.

The client only realised there was a problem when his quarterly pension payment failed to arrive in June last year, according to the story, which added that when the client contacted deVere he was informed the current fund value was just £20,063 – and that if he wanted to withdraw all of it, he would be left with just £11,000 after charges.

DeVere has now reinstated the pension pot to the £89,000 value it held prior to the fund’s suspension. This is money claimed deVere’s decision to reinstate the capital followed pressure it asserted, however deVere disputed this. In a statement, Nigel Green, founder and chief executive of deVere, said: “I would like to make it clear that it was our investigation into a legitimate client complaint and our subsequent conversations with the client that led to a mistake being rectified; it was not as a result of the involvement of a newspaper, as has been suggested.” As reported previously, the Strategic Growth Fund ran into difficulties last year, although it was never entirely clear why the strategy, which was marketed as a multi-manager fund, began making heavy losses. In the early years it outperformed the market and was considered a fund with significant growth potential.

According to one source familiar with the situation, in 2012 the fund manager began investing into a South African private equity company which ultimately performed badly.

The owner of the private equity firm was shot dead in September of that year but, despite this, it is believed the fund manager continued to invest into the private equity firm. The Strategic Growth Fund remains temporarily suspended, although last July investors were asked to vote on the establishment of a new fund called the Strategic Growth Liquidity Fund to which the liquid assets have been transferred, releasing around 23% for investors so far.

to aZooZa #791595 talk complete and utter ***...wake up and take your head out of your bowl of cornflakes....and as for being "penned by a competitor" I get the distinct impression you are either a (self) employee of Messrs Green & Co or a complete *** that only sees the light of day when leaving Nana Plaza in the do however sound like a real captain of industry having reached the dizzy heights of working in Thailand :grin


Recent news about an expat in Spain:

Other news from Hong Kong:

to aZooZa #786880

If we are to believe what your saying, you'll have lost lots of money already then because deVere charges are so high, client takes years to recover financially. :zzz


Having been involved in offshore financial services in Hong Kong over a large number of years, I baulk at the obviouse tactics of so called professionals slandering the names of their competitors to try and gain points by posting such utter rubbish. I would much rather see financial consultants concentrating on their clients needs and investments than taking time to rubbish the industry they pretend to represent as professionals.

I am not suggesting for 1 minute that there are not some genuine complaints on this ridiculously unregulated web site.

But by allowing totally anonymous posts and holding absolutely no one responsible for their actions is simply negligent and irresponsible. All companies from Walmart to the dry cleaners in your local town will receive complaints at one time or another, and then the person with the complaint goes to the supplier to sort it out.

If the supplier does not deal with it in a professional manner post on sites like this and get the truth out there, of course give the post the credibility it deserves by using your real name. By doing this gripe sites like this will become a valuable resource and also stop all this in fighting between ex employees and competing companies.

to Food for Thought #791599

Food for Thought,so thats your real name?????how cool is that??????doesnt sound anonymous in the slightest :grin


Why are all these so called posts written in the same context? I smell a competitor Placing comments to try and create negativity.

What is really frustrating is the person placing this material uses racist and inappropriate comments. I personally have no time for so called people that don't look at others as equals and really take the rubbish placed with a pinch of salt as it's clearly lies after all what expat Brit calls a mobile phone a cell phone?

to Will Clark #791597

Will Clark>tell devere about racism!!!!!!!they are the epitome of racial hatred anywhere in the industry>that is except for the devere guys that meet and marry the usual smattering of bar girls from Indon>Thai>China>Russia etc>and then spin some tacky little line to their mates that "i didn't meet her in a bar">having said that,look at some of these guys :grin >as for Brit expats calling a mobile a cellphone,I would suggest you get out more and explore the world :grin

Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand #786829

This is absolute nonsense and obviously penned by a competitor. As a Brit ex-pat I have had dealings with DVG both in Hong Kong and Thailand, and they are nothing but totally professional. As a previous poster mentioned; Brits don't use the phrase 'cell phone', so go figure...


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