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Our news team are dedicated to reporting accurate global news using reliable sources of information. On the day, this was a major news story which featured on Chinese television and several of the world’s most popular news sites. If you simply google it, you will find a selection. We have been watching the missing Malaysia flight story with a keen eye, we hope that the story will have a happy ending for all those involved.
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DeVere Group has today published a completely unattributed "news" story on their website claiming that relatives of passengers on the missing MH370 flight had successfully called the passengers phones and had them hung up.

Quite what "Market" this news affects or why it should be on an market analysts site at all beats me. It seems highly inappropriate.

The story has no by line and cites no reputable news agency.

It lists a few unidentified relatives who have made these calls and then says

"Relatives of the passengers are urging the authorities to search for the location of phones that rang using GPS."

The brains trust at DeVeres seems unaware that GPS cannot be used to track a lost phone (it enables a phone to track its own location) and that the network HLR of any mobile phone network must have a record of its location before it can route a call to it. So if the phones were ringing, the Chinese authorities would easily identify which country they were in and stop wasting tonnes of aircraft fuel.

This is a bogus story used in a scurrilous attempt to draw traffic to their site and get followers.

Such tactics lead me to distrust every item of information from their website.

How low will they go?

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