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Unfortunately, as with all these anonymous reviews, the person cannot be held accountable nor be proven to be a reliable source. We are proud to offer clients regular bank busting returns on their investments, however, it is common knowledge that investments sometimes go up and sometimes go down. Our advisers are well trained and fully qualified to help you make the best investment decisions. As the most regulated IFA in the world, we are confident that we are, and will continue to administer the very finest financial advice possible.
Moscow, Moscow

I am posting to advise on some of the past histories of Devere financial consultants.

All of them are totally unregulated and some even have a criminal record in the UK. They are here pure and simple to rip potential clients off by signing them to ridiculously long savings periods with small returns. They are paid a very generous commission up front and at no time do they explain how long the initial period is for on the policies. There is one guy who owes Devere in excess of $50k in claw backs as he mislead a number of high profile clients during his stay there. The area Managers actively encourage the advisors to lie and evade answering questions so they can get their 4% overide.

The training manager is taking backhanders from other competitors to pass leads and personnel.

How do I know all this?? I worked at it for 5 years plus and now work for a reputable company in Moscow

Monetary Loss: $9000.

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